Twista - Weeeee Straight lyrics

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Yeah yall know what the fuck this is

the legit balling family

yo twista fire that shit up

All my legit ballers (what)

all my legit ballers (wee straight)

pull up to the club on dubs

whey these niggas playa hate

custom trucks and cars

with a system bumping hard

smoking dro outta jars

bout to blow a hundred bombs

some thoughts pump that buddah

bitch shake that ass over here

aint nobody worry bout no fear

we been down in the streets for years

the legit balling family

for the true ass gangstas and hustlers

killers ballers and aint no busters

kicking raw shit for real motherfuckers

Fuck it

i got something to prove

i heard this to up and down that a nigga didnt do it

put my rhyme to persistant

money too long

yall gonna get used to it

ima ball till i fall

what about the hoes

i fucked em all

what about the o's

i ate em all

when the drive hit the shitty shit

i sprayed em all

my shorty he got to eat

you better get going when i cock the heat

theres only two places

thats hell and (?)

that im not to be, heh

Bennie Franks is the name

shit down south is where i hang

and im still on the block when the shit gets hot

best believe aint a dam thing changed

Put em off

remy my enemies bleed

from one squeeze and this thing that i pop at you

i execute low cock and shoot

aint a thang that i can do

how you shake it fast like Mystikal

it aint no mystery what bank listers do

roll up like what up foo

and what up niggas

where they might choose a big triggers and more ten

let the games begin

this for my niggas and bitches up in the truck-a

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