Twista - Unreleased Dope lyrics

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I pop-I popped that nigga

Keepin that strap cause I got my reasons

It's about huntin season

Smoked, popped, and ya can't stop bleedin

Kick fly Chi shit, you better act like it

Let the venom get in 'em and then I holla

Nah nigga nah, die nigga die

Comin ta get 'em like a hollow

I hit him up when I smoke the fie, nigga fie

Catch you open on the song

And tap into the tone like I been smokin on the bong

Bustin at'cha dome

Takin you out before you even clutchin at'cha chrome

We like rushin up in ya home

And I got my niggas showin love

Bitches holla "get money" when they peepin us, roll up on them dubs

Blowin ya brains when we throwin them thangs

Betta go get'cha guh', cause niggas in my city pluck

Act like I'm invisible when I bust this

Go be lucious, creepin on 'em like a dark Cutlass

Buck us, but we Lou Do' smokin Dutches

Leave my enemy prayin to Churches on crutches

Hard hitters, check out the town that God give us

Brotha come with it are tryin'a be legit

But gotta put the trip on the nigga to talk shit

2000 we murderin, bustin some niggas dicks

Steady give it to 'em til they sick

Flow'll leave 'em swole, totally control 'em, to the kick

You ain't even gotta hold 'em, betta act like you know 'em

When you fuck it with act like it clique (Clique)

Or the Mac might just spit

Say you got my dogs faded? Then put it on yo family

There the first, cause I know you mad me

Real niggas say I'm cold, but the playa haters can't stand me

Cause you know I gotta come raw

Steady smokin that green, scope with the beam

What was seen, what was saw

Comin like a strap, at the dresser drawer

It's over with, shut the shit down motherfuckas

And that's law

If a nigga think I'm wild, then I be wild

And make 'em scream out "Uh-oh"

See me through the blunt smoke

If a nigga think I'm foul, then I be foul

And bustin at the crowd and the door

For the love of the dough

Know it took a long time for this song

Kick a long rhyme, but this song got my mind in the zone

And these hoes on my line, get the tone

Cause everytime I rhyme on the song, see the rhyme get 'em gone

Nigga Wild-Wild is the home, holla "south-side" in the song

I'm a ride for my own, and you niggas can't get it

For the red-cap and the fitted, niggas like to bang in this city

Let it hang if you with it, sippin on Tang' in the fifty

Really ain't a thang, if you with it

Biiitch, act like it (Act like it)

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