Twista - Tatto lyrics

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feat. Legit Ballaz


Damn girl, (damn)

You got a tattoo right there(right there, that,s a tatty, tatty)

I like that(ooh shit, a tatty, tatty)

Sexy than a motherfucker

Can I kiss that


Is it on your chest(uh huh)

Is it on your back(uh huh)

Is it on your leg(uh huh)

Is it by your cat(uh huh)

Show me where your tatty, tatty, tatty

Let me see your tattoo girl

Show me your tatty, tatty, tatty

Let me see your tattoo girl

[Liffy Stokes]

Hey there shorty, what you working with

Let me see you pop that shit for daddy

That's shining blowing big pound out a pro caddy pick up

Diamonds flick up protect your tip tattoo bezel that lift up

Blinding them booshy hoes

I bends through the Gucci store

Grinning, Sprewells spinning, but i'm standing still

Man trying to call up this zig-zotic hot mama out by the Ville then

I'm talking top flight, high priced brown sugar

With the curly butter, thick hips and all

With the E-V-E kitty cat paws, tatted above her bra

When the Twist sat down by her draws

With a bust that needs dusting off

Cause a man keeps on running off

Just dropping her cheese, but shorty got me's

Taking trips to the tat shop, come on the black top

Let her feel Anita while we smoke B's

Cause you really gotta get greed

Fish that pearl, and then show it off to the world

Thickness shorty got niggaz out here screaming

Let me see your tattoo girl


[Bennie Franks]

It's Mr. Fat, freaky, black, nasty, damn near 4 hundred grams

It's something bout a red bone tattoo, god damn

You need a cover up, etch out your baby daddy name

Girl I know you love to fuck, just the way you took the pain

Check my name and etiquete, oops I don't mean to be rude

I got a fetish for oops I mean I love some tattoos

Let's get up on a room, everythang's on me

Ain't got no A in the ointment but i got some vaseline

The brandy

[High Beam]

I said she suck me like a riiiiiib

And then she suck me like a neckbone

I've been gone slap then i took the Milly that home

Since nobody needed to drive

I'ma be the one they gone put it on(put it on me daddy)

What's that, what's that

Another tat with the playboy bunny by her cootie cat

Got one going in the crack of her ass

But she can't reall y see cause her booty fat

Girl you don't know what i'd do that

Got little mo' scrapes right up on her crack

Put Legit Ballin all across your back, take that off and let me see that



Can i see up your freaky body especially with a "Get It Wet" tat-too

If you ever think a tat' ain't sexy on a chick well homie iI got news

We can see the top part of their booties out, blouses up

Girl lick her tittie even with a lil gut

Pull a cap off there's a tatty on her back

With a tail pointin down to the cunt

Illustration slick girls, thick girls

With the thongs on not really the ones that excite me

Stick ya wood in ya shouldn't but the one on her bossom says bite me

When i see the yellow girls it be over

Cherry by her naval, on her back, on her shoulder

Check out the girls with the neon ink

The glow in the dark ink and i don't know which one is colder

Had a bitch put my name on her chest, my name on her neck

My name by her custom tat, and the custom interior

Have my name in the Vet'They beat my tat', see i'm laced

Spit a lil game, hope they take the bait

But don't let your tat' dry up, come let me rub a perferation H

A big butt freak with a butterfly ring on each bitt cheek to cover her behind

When she pull her prada pants down

I pop that thing and it look like butterfly be flying

Look i be lyin, I put it on the B's that I pearl

Twista travel all over the world

It's such a damn hotties, with the tatty up bodies

Let me see your tattoo girl


[Lenny Hooks]

Swig the cris and light the hydro'

Spotted a chick across the dance flo'Pimps like them tilt the kangol

Out the club she shotguns 6-0-0

Straight to the Mo' she came out, her clothes

She tattooed up like her a hell's angel

I'm searching around like I'm 5-0

I'm bout to put something on it this ain't no tattoo hoe

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