Twista - Suicide (Original) lyrics

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Um, them wanna test the champion, it can't be done

You walking barb wires, watch me carve liars to shogun

Cuts a duck, fuck "Naughty" I'm in that hate ya "Nature"

Ready to break ya, (state ya), claiming I raped ya, (faker)

Take you degrees deeper than death with this

I get you pissed, the mister split ya wrist

Thinking I bit twist now picture this

Me biting something from you, and you can't top me

Better yet stop me, or drop me, your technique is sloppy

Check my flow autopsy

Copy yet never be cleverly my shit blows up

Leaving them froze up, straight from the toes up

Rip these shows up, in my city, we run shit like president do

Turn you to residue, snatch up your revenue

Rip "This and That" like Dres'll a due

Vestibule, your dead bodies I feel we cut your hair short

Dissin the Chi, why dare sport

We fly more heads then airports

Thinking you hard but when I pull your card I bet ya stretch

Go fetch a Treach, I make him disappear like Etch A Sketch

Wretched nigga, keep Chi out your mouth or get your neck split

Quickly I used to wreck shit, but now punk I'm on some next shit

Check it, the crew you tried is making sure you're blew aside

Face the beat down bitch nigga, fucking with Chi, suicide


Suicide when you're fucking with Chi - BOOYAH

I wonder why (I wonder why motherfuckers wanna die) [x4]


I come deep as golpher tactics, pop them like prophylactics

With flowmatics, no statics takin, breakin' punks up I'm a pro at it

Go at it with whoever, crew never cracks, pack gats

Fuck your chains and locks, chainsaws, hatchets, butter cutters and bats

Braids and blades and machetes, petty shit you carry

Can't scare me fairy, burn your obituary at the cemetary

II to a casket, heads in bread bask', was dead when lead blast

And burn him like ash, and FUCK A GHETTO BASTARD

Huh, come with that "hey ho", better stay low

end up with a halo, spread blood like mayo

Looks like a TKO, say no, to Treachery, bet ya be thinking you're ganking

I do the shankin', Naughty kids always get a spankin'

So uh, go diss some more emcees instead of these

Punk your better ease, or get your head filled up with holes like cheddar cheese

Never let a breeze, slow me down kid this ain't the season

"Tung Twist' back to Chicago"? Bitch, who told you I was leaving?


Suidice when you're fucking with Chi - BOOYAH

I wonder why (I wonder why motherfuckers wanna die) [x4]


Selector, my DJ cuts up, B-hype says what's up

Let's beat the nuts up, eat the ducks up

Then sweep they guts up

The things I bring will make you spring forward and later fall back

Talking about Twisting don't impress you, like your shit is all that

Go get your tecs I got grenades to pack pins

Be quick to stack men, black men with mac 10s

Ready to let they fingers back bend

And if I catch your dreamin, of descendant schemin'

You'll find intoxicated demons, sucking semen, hear what I'm screamin?

Huh, another pussy wants to break me in a homosapian

Beat him down and wont give a fuck what type of shape he in

Yellow is the color of cape he in, punk your style'll be

Facing fatality, split his head like a personality

While I'll be cracking heads like jokes, leave a tight stitch

For dissing me hype pitch, fuck you and that white bitch

I'm hoping your mic switch

Remember that show in the West?

Thought I was a wimp, man please, the pimp slam Gs

Swing on MCs like chimpanzees

Get your nose bust, bones broke, make rappers split with this shit

Talking shit about the Chi behind me back, now you get this bitch

What's up nigga, come on step, unless you just a sucker

Fucking with Chi, suicide mission motherfucker


Suicide when you're fucking with Chi - BOOYAH

I wonder why (I wonder why motherfuckers wanna die) [x4]


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