Twista - Snoopin' lyrics

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Have mercy.. mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.

Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh-ohhhh-ohhh..

Have mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy me

Now, now, when my boo let me break 'em off, freaky when we makin love

I can do shit to you that'll make you shake in lust

Comin through how I be stoppin off, kinky when I make you cum

How could you wanna do shit that'll make me break the trust?

Shoulda knew you were sheisty the way you lick me on my body

and actin shady when I'm out the crib, lightly

Cause somethin bogus just to fight me spite me all in my area

plus I'm a Sagittarius, you a Pisces

For some reason we be clickin like we on business

but you be on some bullshit

Askin me where I go, what I do, how I kick it

Won't you get with it baby girl, I don't cheat on you and pull shizz

Now who don't wanna roll on, chrome with then go home with

Get you to the crib, give you some grown dick

I let you hold my pounds down, purchasin you phones and fits

How many times I told you, I ain't known shit

But you steady don't listen even though it's your friends that listen

Gotta have trust, but you won't back up on a couple I'll catch you wishin

Claimin that I'm fuckin on another bitch and

all in my privacy on no premonition, you trippin

Tell me why do you - doubt a brother, in one ear and out the other

Cause in my shirt you done found number

You steady lurkin while I was up in the shower

dumpin all of my pants pockets, trippin cause you done found a rubber

And all I gotta say is.

That's not right (that's not right)

Snoopin through my things (you snoopin baby, snoopin baby)

I don't do it to you (I don't do it, I don't do it)

You shouldn't do that to me (I don't do it to you)

That's not right (that's not right)

Snoopin through my things (snooooopin through my things)

I don't do it to you (and I sho' wouldn't do it)

You shouldn't do that to me (I ain't gon' do it to you)

I was sittin in the front just watchin videos

Readin my magazine, my Vibe magazine, yeah

I coulda sworn that I turned my damn 2-Way off

But damn I heard it ring, I think I heard it ring, yeahhh

If it's somethin that you think that's wrong got you feelin insecure

I'm grown - baby let me know, and then I'll let you know

Cause I'm the one that's footin the bills

And I'm not the wrong one, that's for real

You can get your shit and go, gooooo!

Now you don't see me all up in your dresser drawers

You don't see me goin through your Jag

You don't see me in your celli; you don't see me

searchin through your thongs, and you don't see me though your Gucci bag

Baby you got the shabazz; sometimes you need a swift, kick up the ass

just to to see how far a foot can go

Would you wash it and took it slow, couldn't though

Pressure cookin low, bitch I hope you find what you lookin fo'

I'm losin focus from fuckin witchu, don't get me charged

Come in from a show, my whole closet be picked apart

If anybody should be paranoid in this motherfucker it should be me

I'm the one smokin hydro by the jars

You need to leave my stuff alone, go and get some business of your own

cause me and you ain't spendin precious time together

Baby don't touch mine, I shouldn't need a "don't touch" sign

I ain't explainin nothin, you can find whatever

And all I gotta say is.

Now when I get up in your ooh-watcha-katcha

Move to the mm-ch-ka mm-ch-ka mm-ahh, don't lie

You peepin the details of my fax, mail and voice mail

and E-mail and why sugar, don't try

to come up with the justification for what you doin

The relationship's about to be ruined for what you persuin

Steadily tryna see who I'm screwin like I'm fuckin the nation

It's nothin but hatin that the homies be doin

Spittin rumors all up in your ear, tension in the atmosphere

Baby what's the mission here, listen here

You lookin for numbers and fist in hair

It must be here for a reason so quit before I have to make you disappear

I can do without you pokin through pockets

Prophecy's potent, whatchu peepin fo'?

I hate the way that all this time to tell what I been thinkin

shoulda told you when I thought about it a week ago

But now I'm tellin you.

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