Twista - Snap Happy lyrics

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Intro, I break a, break a brother ten fold

Oh, 10-40, stomp em like a dinosaur

Poor excuse for an MC, so-so singers

The things I bring'll snap like fingers

Rugged hip-hop, I'm gettin funky like a cheap perfume

Doom, take em from the womb to the tomb, whom

It may concern, I return from the mentally dead

To fly a sleep sucker duck's head

A thouroughbred in this talent, I be snappin like I'm coo-coo

Try to fade my spade, you made a boo boo

Suckers say 'ooops', troops, I spank em if they rap happy

Never calm, cause I'm snap happy

Am I snap happy? (mh-hm)

Tell me am I snap happpy? (mh-hm)

Tell me am I snap happpy? (mh-hm)

Yo, tell me am I snap happpy? (mh-hm)

Snap happy - snappin on those who think I rap crappy

The Tung is snappy, rougher than nappy, you can't outrap me

Punk, with suckers I toy, I'm stronger than a droid

I don't avoid the noid, I destroyed the noid

So I gotta make a scrub pay hay

Suckers I slay, they lay stinkin in the subway

Focus, my rhythm will scrub, say rub-a-dub-dub

Cause I'ma step into em like a bathtub

I make em run like waterfalls, use your eyes for pool balls

Then run through rappers like school halls

I'm breakin sucker punks' backs

Facts on wax, when I step, instead of footprints, I leave tire tracks

My rhythm be delicious while

I flow, the skunk of this, funk of this with a dramatically vicious style

I destroy your phoney hip-hopness like the Lochness

Monster, just because I want ta

1 to 2, I'm comin through

Swig em like a brew, ooh

You think I bit off more than I can chew?

I break a sissy up with no twist

Don't make my tongue flappy

I still can be labelled as snap happy

DJ Jihad get loose

I snap and make em yield

Spin my tongue like a windmill

And crack your skull like a windshield

Show me where a sucker makes a error, I give him terror

Be smooth as Aloe Vera, they run like mascara

I turn em over like a page, engage

I eat em with rage and trap the duck behind my rib cage

Flow, my jock'll make em blow

Want me to take em slow

I flow speed till they can't take no mo'

Get the urge to see what I'm servin, bee

I make an emergency for the sucker to get surgery, word to G

You thinkin what I said'll miss

But I'm the head of this, what I said'll diss

Cause it's a mega-diss

If you sleep get into bed of this

But if you wake up, I'ma fly that dreaded head like Pegasus

I'm a son, but for some reason they wanna call me the rap pappy

I guess it's cause I'm snappy

(Hit me)

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