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Here's the tale of a young black male

raised in these city streets

out here hustling to make ends meet

In a world thats so corrupt

thats ran by greed

money and the power

for me I'm a survivor

I do what I have to and only God can judge me for that

So before you cash your stones down on me

I want you to take a look at yourself in the mirror

And ask somebody to pray for you

Cause that's all I'm asking is to pray for me, understand

I was born around gangstas, hustlers, and killers

Drug dealers with math figures making hella scrilla

In the city of Chi the home of the G's

If ya dont work ya dont eat that's been the code of the streets

As for me I was brought up at an early age

learned how to cook cane started to gang bang

and its a damn shame I chose game

but see I'ma knuckle headed nigga with no one to blame

and I'ma gonna keep on tipping under the street lights

and be wondering which nigga wanna take my life

until then I'm staying two feet in front of you haters

I'm living the street life

and I just cant get away

I dont know if I'ma gonna make it to another day

so everynight I pray

oh I pray

I'm living the street life

and I just cant get away

I dont know if I'ma gonna make it to another day

so everynight I pray

well I'm surrounded by rats, roaches, and dope fiends

my whole world is being weighed up on a triple beam

man I dont know whats in store for me god

will I reach 21

why is life so damn hard

see thats the question thats asked

and is there a heaven or hell can the young black live

or will he be chained in the cell

I don't know as for me I only trusted a few

I had to hustle to survive now what else could I do

they say theres chances for everybody thats bullshit

that little girl had no chance when that bullet hit

I mean it blew to the sky

and all you heard was a cry

oh lord don't let my baby die

Til the day that I die I'll stay true to my neighborhood

fuck with my neighborhood nigga I wish you would

Ain't shit changed like oh once said

And oh no fool my nigga Fred ain't dead

neither is Pook or Kansas City

true og's still here with me

my homie boo, boo what up

and you know I cant forget about my nigga nigga Novesnake

nightime boats and herbie

Shine and Cherelle would ya pray for me

I rock genue death so dam sensless

big houses what the fucking radio been missing

and theres one more nigga that be true to my heart

Mr. Motion you the reason while I'm breaking em off

so our

I peed em to dead

whole reason was love

to that nigga twist for believing in me

I got a shorty to feed

my priority is to make sure this shit dont have to struggle like me

and if I could ask for one more wish

I tell em I wanna hug ya cuz I'm missing ya since

so I'm asking to pray for me

mamma pray for me

daddy pray for me

baby pray for me

please pray for me

pray for me

pray for me

pray for me

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