Twista - Piece Of Mind lyrics

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I thank God that I found my piece of mind one more time

Since I'm dyin' I'd rather go right now than to be waitin' in line

play with mine you'll find that it's the wrong damn move

I was the wrong damn dude

Gino told me do the usual leave him in critical

my brother Bruce told me that he didn't pay dues

you snooze and lose

so what I'd do is make this man take a bath in his shoes

and it was all on the news

see I knew that it would be that me or him gonna bleed

and it wasn't gonna be me

so what I did was popped one up in my chamber and I sent 3

no women no kids

and I'ma shine on this nigga like Mop 'N Glo

you think he stopped and load

he jumped down with the rocks and a bomb on a dope

but he didn't have to be so bold

he rushed the Mob like a blob with the glocks and more

and even called the cops on Sko

he be shitty chi with the diamond in the watch in the coat

the medallion to match with the rope

no cars and the trucks in the cars that he ride

lookin' like a star when he glide

I swear to God when he hear the bullet fall through the sky

he be jackin' like a rabbit tryin' to hide

kinda hard to catch a nigga who be gone in the wind

purple Navigator and a Benz

a new ??, the old niggaz that he used to fuck with

took a fall for strength of a man

(Sko get it) before I step outside and do my job for Allah

pray to Allah, undo Allah

anythang go wrong I pray to Allah

anythang go right I give my praise to Allah

anythang in sight I'ma bless for Allah

everythang tonight I'ma test for Allah

everythang you write I'ma erase yo bar

if you ridin' tonight you better hop out yo car

cause the moon tonight is traced in 5-star

I feel for ? my sisters at the bar

y'all be aight just keep yo self to yo self

y'all can see aight out on the streets it's double dare

over there it's the end of the road East 99 find my kind

still blind to the times and the signs

on the streets niggaz killin' elites

killin' ??

killin' the chief

5 stars in the governor

everybody gettin' covered up

wrapped up in some bloody sheets

I came off the deep saw throw my heart

niggaz slangin' a V with the L's on his way all the time

since I'm dyin' then I'd rather go right now

than to be waitin' in line

I cant seem to get away from all the things in the world that bring me down

and I cant seem to get away from all the pressures

and the pain that I find myself around

but I need a little more time for me to survive

all the dirty things that I did in my life

I can walk by I can try to crawl by I can run

but I cannot hide from my piece of mind

I hit him clean in the middle of his dentures

he was getting carried away because I let him slide

a couple times he went off on an adventure

bloody murderer only to die it the Darkside

and god I like to for killin over some Benjamins

but it wasn't about my money it was bout his pride

he had to run to the van he was defending it

in a line of duty he died for a piece of mind

I never knew I would have to murder the motherfucker

I was the one fighting and piecing and increasing the peace

I could (?) hit me and my brother

we was the reason for a record that cd release

we B.I.B. to the avenue about the trigger time

you can't be alive in the hood when we dirt ride

and motherfuckers got down cause never could

never survive with the goods that god provide

so as I bogus wack him for doing my job

eliminate niggas that hate cause they ruining the mob

I choose got bruise when I toss that guy out in the squad

while they flossing the cars we busting and turn into god

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