Twista - NBA Live 2004 lyrics

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[Intro: Twista]

Yeah, y'all ready to ball, are y'all really ready to ball?

It's the Twista, EA Sports 2004, NBA Live

And you know how it go down, check it

[Chorus: Twista]

You think you're too cold but I

Think you need to go and grab

Your favorite squad

Put your warm up suit on

Cause we about to get our hoop on

[Verse 1: Twista]

In this game ain't nobody colder

When I post to Pippen and I be wicked with the cross over, two times over

When I'm floating over your shoulder

I look amazing why you standing like a lost soldier

But I'm alright

Representing, I'll be hooping with the Knicks all night

Rather be producing with Houston

And running with Spree

And plus, thinking that Antonio McDyess

He's so nice with the peel

I'm a stay fly when I kick it and switch it to A.I. in Phillyville

look at the reply if you will

And he got no skills and it be a guarantee that he go grill

And win everytime

Brother got to get with Kobe

Especially if the game is on my mind

Shaq up in the paint

With Fisher and Horry dropping treys

And Devean George hurting of the pine

Got them crying like a baby

Minnesota got them fast Mercedes, I put them asleep with big K.G

If I got the Sacramento Kings, or Mike Bibby

It will be impossible for you to fade me

I play the game, fully in control

Hit me with some three's and I'm a take it to the hole

EA Sports 2004, NBA Live, if you didn't, now you know

But I know

[Chorus: Twista] - (2X)

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