Twista - Models & Bottles lyrics

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Ft. Jeremih & Lil Bibby

(Hook: Jeremih)

Drinks up in the air!

To the sky, ain't telling what goin' on tonight

Drinks up in the air

For the realest nigga living tonight

Damn keys, they going

They won't turn up

Know all them bad bitches, they love me

Well them drinks is on us

They all can't help it

Models, actresses and bottles

Bro, chilling with my niggas

Models, actresses and bottles

(Verse: Twista)

It's a celebration

Throw 'em up if you're a mission

Put ur hands in the air

Wave 'em like u just don't care

Ya went from rags to riches and I get it cuz u on

Partying like u ain't neva had nothing

Middle fingers in the sky for the haters

Ya ain't neva really been up on my level so don't try to holla

When ya see me riding out of Vegas, whew

Cuz I be poppin' the bottles becuz I'll be able

Just look at my table! There's nothin' but models

And nothing but dollars, look at lil mama

She want to holla, she want to follow, she want to swallow, whew

After the phi-phi, I got insta plans, she want to see me

I gain insta fans when I be me

I'm on Instagram in a GT, what? That's right

I'mma fuck with her for the night

I don't give a fuck what ya like

I'm up in the club but I'm right

Let her know that we are the family

We on the pedigree, we are celebrities

And ya know I'm smoking weed and I'm ready

Like I be at the Grammys, the party is heavy

And I got the fetti

And I'm off a Xanny and she got the panties


(Verse 2: Lil Bibby)

Okay I walk up in the club, I be fresh to death

All black, dressed to kill

Bumping on my hip? Baby that's the steel

Bitches so I keep that concealed

And that .45 got a lotta kickback

When it go click-clack, make a nigga get back

Shawty in the red dress, make her ass clap

Take her to the back cuz I'm tryna hit that

Lil chick want to be a model, ay

Took her to the back, made her swallow

And I just bought twenty bottles

The Rosé got me going full throttle

She know a young nigga got a check, check, check

Condos sitting on my neck, neck, neck

Twenty five racks sitting in my right pocket

Some tight jeans, Bibby can't dress like that


Whereva we go, niggas follow

I go be with killers and robbers

.40, filled up them hollows

We gon' clap like Apollo

On and on, can't help it

All of these bitches, I share 'em

All of my niggas is thugs


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