Twista - Mob Up lyrics

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Yeah, mobsta style for you muthafuckas, you know what I'm sayin'

We fin to bring this shit like this here

This muthafuckin' Chi shit, check it out

The niggas in my mob can't be touched

You best to mob up to come fuckin' with us, oh no

Niggas in my mob bring the heat

You best to mob up fuckin' with the elite, oh no

You just a bitch in the sky, I hear cries

'Cause you can't whistle for your guys

Surprise when you saw this pistols in your eyes

So I peal like mere mortals, bet I shoot bloody portals

To muthafuckas who owe us, niggas die, causin' horrifyin' (?)

My passion for blastin' made me an assassin on all enemies that work us

Whose purpose is to serve (?) timbs 'til they high and they hurt us

Murders got us murders, I pull my weed and gun out

Blastin' 'til they run in the house while I got the blunt in my mouth

We in a rage bustin' rapidly like when I'm on stage

It don't get no rougher than Liffy Stokes, Twista and Mayz

In the blood of your day, then lay flat on your back

Then while he fuckin' your hoe

The mob gon' be straight coppin' you stack

Your mob lacks, I'ma defeat you run three-two on contact

Cogniac, get me strapped with the black gat itchin' to bomb back

Hoes can't get no sleep

Bullets hit your chin for the grief that you bring us

Shots hit his face as he grabs his chest

Then we watch him bleed through his fingers

Now come on, come all, but if all come all fall, fuck all y'all

We road dawgs, then I come gunnin', niggas runnin' like they sold y'all

In the heat of the night, the (?) static we start up

Guards up, while we come strapped they come ready to mob up

If it's static, one of my niggas gon' get two niggas

Two of my niggas gon' get four niggas

Four of my niggas gon' get more niggas

That's more triggers meaning more killers

You muthafuckas better mob up

It's a static, it's automatic, so grab the automatics

And pumps and pull the triggers and make some niggas look acrobatic

I was cold but frantic, the foes have panicked

They got bloods blew out their dome, bet the bullets run rapid

I kept bustin' for the love of hustlin' squeezin' my wesson

Ruger, gang (?) maneuvers, niggas wanna be bruisers but I'm a shooter

Fuck the squad, because when it's said and done

Liffy Stokes will do some poppin'

Nigga the devil's knockin' at your fuckin' door

With some hot ones and toe

And ready to hit 'em with nothin' less than four

Nigga let me go, I'm 'bout to pop this bitch

You know you know the lick, art of the mobsta click

Fuck the argument, mob elite's runnin' up apartments

Kickin' in doors pistol whippin' hoes be heartless

Searches as the bullets marches between your arches

Make one call and wait and reload the cartridge

You can't even mess with a mobsta, nigga, is you sick in the head

I torture that ass and have you overdosing on lead

Or maybe I just leave you cut up, drippin' and dead

With your crew skippin' town scared, my lead gon' lead their ass red

Don't get misled, don't mistake me for somebody but a soldier

The elite niggas got more death than AIDS and ebola

Getting old and colder

I be quick to (?) start uppin' but that chip off your muthafuckin' shoulder

Behold the stack folder, gun holder, AKA blunt roller

Mayz if I die for you get your (..?..) and trap holder

To hurt particular niggas comin' with perpendicular figures

Crushin' triggers, y'all niggas better bring back some memos

It really don't matter if that nigga pack a glock or a gauge

'Cause whatever the fuck Mayz blaze gon' make him see his last day

Takin' 'em out, my life and makin' sure his cast stays

Jack 'em for his last days, that's how livin' fast pay

Nigga, you know the word on the street

It's the mobsta elite that's servin' the streets to the rockin' these beats

You better have a nice way to greet us than rolling with your guys

And you could still die in a multiple homicide

Let's mob up

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