Twista - Loyalty lyrics

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Saw a little motherfucker and y'all was ready to bend

Left the mob for something petty but then fetti got thin

Now you back where you begin while I'm livin on ten

Got inns sittin in a Benz wit rims sippin on Hen

Wit Stokes, Twist, and Mayze while you broke bitch I'm paid

Should of stayed but betrayed look at the cheddar you could have made

You started with the mob thought you was harder than the mob

But ain't no one motherfucker larger than this mob

Swear to god, for y'all C-Wall ain't got love

No only one that's gonna be on you side is this hot slug

For the dead and locked I'm throwin my mob up

Cock and bust to all y'all bitches die for crossin us

I smell some bitch niggas amongst us, now they gone

And when you see me on the streets be strapped cause I'm at you dome

And that's wit or without a mask on, cause I'ma blast on sight

Even if it's in traffic in broad daylight

The only way you live if it don't spray right

But you out your death wish so if I miss you'll be facin barrels by midknight

And that's on these four fingers I hold high

Anybody who crosses my mobsta family they die

I hollered at my boy James to bless me wit some mo' thangs

A mobstaz hard to kill like stopping off of cocaine

I'm leavin out sweated no dynasty clicks crushin bitches wit this

Nigga your songs ain't shit, they can't even fade our skits eat a dick

Nigga cross the mob so what's up

In every destination retaliation gotta fuck 'em up

Nigga cross the mob so what's up

In every destination retaliation gotta get 'em up

Shit are y'all about ready to die for this fetti fuck everyting that's petty

Down to do dirt lets put in work

Stay together whether we rappin of slangin ye together

Get the paper but don't cross the mob and get hurt loyalty's first

When everything was all good y'all niggas threw the wall up

But when the shit hit the fan I watch you bitches ball up

Now you time is all up, fuck who you call up

My niggas all bust, my killas all nuts

What the fuck you call us, what you say about C-Wall

Playa hatin how we ball, nigga we'll be to see y'all

And you mob gonna end up the same homie, put this pain on you

No love my slugs got them thugs name on 'em

If he wit his kids I'm blow his brains on 'em, put the chains on 'em

Go insane on em', guess he done wit that work range on em

Rain over, so nigga respect my mob like royalty

'Till I'm dead y'all hoes dred my love, life, and loyalty

When you come strapped in a circle

No I'm finna hurt you

Cause the mob put me peeped all of your loopholes

Cause the trigger work you

Bust all of you bitches and all of you hoes

When the bruh come

Thugs betta run shit look at what thugs want

See what drugs done

When held the gun got you runnin from a loved one

Thought you was down to die but you been found to lie

So fuck you can't trust you, gotta bust you

Crush you now you can't lick hits and hustle

Try to flex your muscle

But my criteria gotta over comes yo strategies

Try to make a mob out of peas

I can ride on you wit Money-T and an amount of cheese

Plus I had a lot of bud in 'em

I get mad at the budgin' 'em

Whippin out the stud in 'em

But I ain't even studying

If again and it's on I just put a slug in him

Duggin him dead and headin hoes off at the pass

Open up a can of kick ass

Toy wit me loyalty die quick blast

I roll wit straight mobsta leaners

That always carry beamers

And exercising trigger fingers on niggas who come between us

Shockin' the world wit young slingers

And we can't be defeated, even if you triple team us

Cause this game got my mod deranged if you in pain

Kamokaze like my nigga Lo if we loose to you man

So ready to aim cause it ain't shit to explain

Shots to exchange plenty of paper in the game

To help us remain on top of the world until we go bang

Doin our thang while y'all niggas just hate and complain in vain

But it'ws still gonna be the same we gonna mob forever

And out shine all you bitch ass niggas together

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