Twista - However You Want It lyrics

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And nobody's as bad as my clique

And nobody's as bad as my bitch

The one with the Lou Vuitton boots and a bad ole' ass

So either the one with the custom kit

Do it like I want to, cause I get it

Smoke with me if you wid it

Lookin' so fresh, I'm countin' my digits

Snap-backs and I fit it

DMG, who's the name in that Sus'

Nothin' but the grade A on that bus

When I'm indoors, if they ain't with me

I'mma get to actin' trippy

So that Activis cool, my son

Eva heard of me? I'm Twista

The real Twista, that legend

Who throw it fastest interrupted by heaven

Who used to make 'em African weaves with that .7

Tonight it's sever OG chillin'

When you look at the way that I roll

I was 18 years old, doin' shows

With the Ghetto Boys and they like soul

Back stage, with Paks Denuse

Watch how they did it and I got some juice

Till I got up ended in the audience

Lookin' like a hieroglyphics line

Gotta do what I gots to do - pimp on

Man, that’s classic, like Chance the Rapper that’s Acid

I could paint ya a picture that’s graphic

And they kush I'm blowing is fantastic

As it flows thru' my system I can tell it to ya

While I was spitting to ya slow cause

When ya see me in the streets, or a show,

Ya already know all I want to hear is roll up

Let's smoke


I blow on that OG

Girl scout, however you want it

I can blow however much you want me to

Where the paper and the woods at?

I smoke on that purple

D's and 2s, however you want it

I can blow however much you want me to

Where the swishas and the rocks at?

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