Twista - How To Ball lyrics

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Let me show you how to ball (how to ball)

let me show you how to sack this dirty money out of raw (out of raw)

let me show you that these bitches out here always can be bought (can be bought)

let me show you how to ball (ball)

let me show you that yo real niggas gone be there when you call (huh)

It's the L-i-double-f-y so gone and let's die

killer from the westside you don't want to test I

smokin' on that best buy feelin superfly ridin' high throughout the chi

duckin' them guys on the rise watchin' dvd's on my car tv's

makin' bitches freeze stop and do a 360 degrees

while i'm in the breeze my mind's at ease smokin' on trees

contemplatin' monopolies through these rapid keys

it's all for the skeeze so bitch please I need a V-12

and a gang of dro and island walkin' on seashells

and if's all well in my life givin' up thanks everynight

but my strength and my will to still fight

in this fucked up world

fucked up steady callin earl

let me show you how to kill all that shit get to be a pearl

and live yo life to the fullest caught out in the hata bullest wit a

pocket full of g's cuz of yo nigga had to pull it get deez

Let me show you how to ball (how to ball)

let me show you how to come up with that passion for the law (for the law)

let me show you that these niggas out here ain't ready for war (for the war)

let me show you how to ball (ball)

let me show you how yo real niggas gone ball till they fall (huh)

All my gangsta's ridin wit me (let's get it on)

let's show em how we make this money (till the early mornin)

smokin pounds skeezin o-z (Southside)

Legit ballin family (mobsta for life)

representin' with them niggas that be hustlin' on the block

when the spot be gettin hot and then we duckin and dodgin' cops

thugs love that nigga Nitty cause they see the life I live

I been hustlin for a mil way before a record deal

so I know how it is to struggle

let me show you how to ball

how to stack yo paper tall and let no broad be yo downfall

pimp mo hood rats now legit stallions

pocket full of thousands legit ballin medallions

bitch I'm a hustla St. Ides guzzla

speedknot mobsta mister fuck a officer

go getter's and gangsta's out here on the grind

you got one life to live so make yo metal bling and shine

All the thugs in the world let me hear you holla out I got that raw

all the killas and the ballaz if you wit let me hear holla back wit a fuck the law

all the niggas and the bitches in the club

let me see you throw yo nines up to the ceilin'

all the stick-em niggas in the party

catch them muthafuckers up as soon as they leave the buildin'

if you ready and willin then uh set you down

with the mob and let me see you throw a knuckle up

have you hustle up if you comin betta buckle up

cause I ride like what the fuck?

now what the fuck is up

rollin on rims we bout to die

22's with enough clean smokin' much green

while the ho's watch a fuck scene on the tv's with a touch screen

run a three for twenty-five's on a two for fifteen's

on a eight dollar hollas the mob figgas make a lot of dolla's

pay for the repo can't take my Impala pop da colla

but in the club they sho gone hate us

all the ho's don't play us

while we sportin' froze on gators

with a dye half-broke like the ozone layers

tell me where the dj

where the dro where the drank

gotta get be ?yappy ho's pappy? happy

cuz i'm off that dank

on the path of destruction i'm hustlin'

while I gots to get that bank

never bogus at all

pacs and techs in the hall

gettin' money with my dogs

and I'm never actin' petty with the fedi if ya ready let me...

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