Twista - Hard To Do You lyrics

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With just a chare, let this beat kick back

Can’t just play on what I lost or how I much I can get back

Used to think it was somewhere over the rainbow

Till I found out a cheaper price where they let them thangs go

Just to ball fuck you think I’m eatin sushi for?

Smoke on the cig while my bitch burn up the Gucci store

Nasty Bella Donna but you can’t help the sana

Makin’ hella danna’s form

At the form about papers for papers

With the simbol notice, ________(?)

Never ball it cuz we know how to live it and when we get it

Fly bitches on the block of jeskey just to be specific

I’m Malley on the bally, livin’ on th matrece

Blow and roll a CTO, makin’ pictures with those

Just somebody screw you because them haters make it harder

(Hook x 2)

Are you try to stackin’ money but nigga keep ruin the funny,

It’s harder to you, harder to you

Fake friends, pretedendm make it harder to you, harder to you

And yeah they wanna see you ball but you won’t forever ball

But you won’t forever ball, so wrong to do you, wrong to do you

Gonna prove you, knew cup

It’s all about you, it’s all about you

So I suggest, do you?

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