Twista - Hands Up, Lay Down lyrics

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hands up, lay down

count to ten before you get up off the ground

when you do you disappear like the matrix

but if you don't *me and my (Pumpa?) gon' leave you wasted*


Dude try to still on me, so i'm already pumped

Why you steady standin there talkin that shit, be hyped

Unload tha fapas, SK's and the millimeter choppas

I got niggas that be killas with some shit that when you shoot it on the block it sound like a helicopta

Its hard out here, motherfuckers aint got no Work

Its a few niggas got cocaine few niggas got dope most niggas got purp

Little nigga try to play you shady, instead of yellin out three votes and allmighty

They be talkin bout 80's baby, shawtys that was born in the 90's is grindin'

No respect and no morals, actin like you own that shit

Fuck up out my face big homie, matter fact gon' load that shit

And it gets so crazy up in the streets some times I can't believe that this my land

Lil girls used to wanna fuck a dope boy, now they wanna fuck a stick up man

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