Twista - Get Ya lyrics

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Weee straight

Extra extra read all about it

The Legit Ballers came out with with an unbelievable album

Fuck a truce put the side on the news

Got killers that'll ride from the loc to the deuce

I heard a shot proof flip nigga gimme a bitch

at the Martigra crowd flipping the trigga

You still a bitch nigga

Sticking ya head up at a meter now you die how do ya figure

Acting hard with your Capris on

I come out at the neck of the woods on ya ass nigga ease on

And where ya from no ain't shit to me

Bring that ass to the tailor talking shit sent ya ass history

Evident you you weren't meant to be

Jacking over another niggas loot and fucking up the currency

Born and bad seed outta the crowd

Like David Gunna you don't wanna see me angry pal

I'll raise up on ya ass like a root canal

Get fucking up shit like the trenchcoat mafia

Unbelievable how we popping ya

Let em all know now we piece and spit

Talk about shit bout we ain't choking thangs

I gave two to the motherfucking pork chop and watch his body drop man

Let em test the skills of us niggas thats triggerly inclined

Dump off on the rocks and monica red link

while blocks young guns on the grind

Out on the field what would a tribe nigga do

In a kill or be killed situation

Drama's what you motherfuckers facing

While he running I'm walking like Jason

Shocking your motherfucking body like grave dig

Then we dumping you all the say did

I bring pain to y'all niggas who be hating

Forcification bout my nation got me sniffing up information

Gimme the body dig a ditch

Bury the motherfuckers like old ancient blue prints

Execute you use em find em hit em split em 4 to the vest

What a way make to rhinos rip through the flesh

God bless us thugs that hold our own controls

On a mission yaking the snitch know to get it on

24 hour ghetto jeep is at the door

Lynch mob made me how you and your goofy click

and your throat is gone, suffocating em by dozens

Running with grim reapers handing out some good guns

And it all kicked off some shit you said

Now look at the little pus dressed up in red

Whatcha gone do when them niggas run up to you

Don't fold stroll mean mugging you with them thangs out

How you gonna play that terror roll

or let the merch unfold slaughtery act at 11 to it and then die

Laid off in the streets with a psychotic thugs wont stop playing for keeps

He waiting to get tipped for your and your peeps

Clock ticking slow its a quarter past three

Lights on lights off in your community

Your block's having problems with electricity

Beat gang and in the presence of the one you envy

So go collect strucks chains greens and weed

Burn off a little bit of rubber if you ride with me

Slipping the clip in and put your pistol back on your hip

And I'm giving you half of the wild green

Down with them niggas Mobstability

Let's keep em feeling me we bogus with vocal trilogy

Get in a game where you get crapped out

Spooking the mouses with design got them niggas pulling macks out

For the love of the green liar promotion

Hell if I expose ya mad assed out blowing some backs out

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