Twista - Frum Da Tip Of My Tongue lyrics

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Droppin a flow like this be breakin the suckers

And rippin the rhythm and showin I'm bringin the feel of my tongue

And be makin em manifest that I be rockin the young

Flowin this style I be singin and bringin

It's breakin the people and go in the mind of a teen

Be makin em hear it and manifest up in him that I'm a star to become

Quick the lyrical style I'ma kick

You better catch the rhythm of it

Cause hip-hop is becomin complicated, never be left hung

Bringin a style like this kinda quick and crisp

A lyrical twist be comin from Chi-Town

I know that hip-hoppers all over will be stung

(How was the rhyme brung?)

Frum the tip of my tung

(How was the rhyme brung?)

Frum among the tip of my tung

Rock the style of my second verse like that of my first

Be showin the hip-hop hypes my types of flowin, but not the best of T

From an imagination this was took, a mental crook

Stirring this up like a chef or cook

I hear them say give me the recipe

Breakin this off in the fashion of an erection of an adventurous style

That I'ma use to just confuse and smart people then go dumb

You say me style be wack cause y'all can't manifest what I be sayin

Think I'm a lyrical midget, watch me then say fee-fi-fo-fum

Flowin this like a veteran that I'm incredible is what they be stung by

When I'ma give in a flow of the funk I erect like a wee-wee

Then see me gee, we be DJ Jihad and T.T.

Steppin and then I'ma find a lyrical line that'll flow from me like peepee

Rockin and me stylin, rockin and me stylin, wildin

Them say me tracks be wack, I just sip them like them coco

Loco, a lyrical thing I sling and cling like Sing-Sing, merciless like Ming

Watch me come and stiff in em like a photo

Funky, funky, funky stylin, wildin

I'ma drop in a flow that breaks and takes a lyrical wiz to wax a funky scholar

Flowin a hyper type of song that I sung from the lung

Breakin em up in a snap, I think that I better thank Allah

Face the lyrical rhythm of this lick I throw in a blister of a body

Breakin em up so quick that I can even bruise hair

Ryhthm will rock blocks and funky track drops

Don't wanna come in the door but when you're hearin this

Do I hear a 'knock-knock who's there'?

Twista breakin em off in a magical rhythmous manifestation of a lyrical racin

Chasin suckers that my funky rhythm elects

Wrote this, quote this, notice how I wreck

My funky hoocus pocus broke his neck

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