Twista - EFX lyrics

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I'm so old school

I'm stick it bum, I'm stick it bum

like a million gun for a dum dum

and I squeeze a fire for

you run 'cause here I go

none in the .. a 62 watching them moving

when I'm drinkin I hit that drough

screaming f*ck you, pay me

simple purple ..going to the dawn sippin.. is like crazy

so one two I'm .. Gucci shoes I'm cockin..and I can shit

droppin the hit, tryin get money when I'm in the click

..for this bitch

use to come and ..trying get back and showin they all..

my uncle is connected to the ..

black souls my brother is connected to the ..foes

my cousin is connected to the fox and stones

and meet me, I'm connected to the hardy ha ha ha

..when I'm anothers on like ..bitches 'cause I have my money

and I'm high

so don't try to find me silly

just give me the blunt tum turumrum

tun tun

do you wanna EFX?

do you wanna EFX?

do you wanna EFX?

do you wanna EFX?

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