Twista - Don't Hate Me -112 lyrics

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Chorus: Don't be mad if yo girl wants to leave with me.

It's not my fault your girl is really feelin me.

I didn't even know she had a man.

She said she didn't have a man.

She said she didn't want a man.

So don't hate me.

Q:It's a shame, but this game baby.

I got it in me, ain't no lame when it comes to women.

I'm all up in 'em.

Sing a song, take 'em home, make 'em moan, then I'm gone.

It's really just a game to me.

Bridge: It's a role I shouldn't have to play.

I see the same things everyday.

Do her wrong she's gonna play.

I guess that's why she callin me-callin me.

If she's yo girl she wasn't yesterday-yesterday-yesterday.


Slim: How in the hell do you have the audacity.

Runnin up on me tryin to talk to me.

Checkin Me

When you need to be checkin yourself clown.

Keepin yo girl from schoolin around

You call yourself a playa tell me how that sound

When yo girl is feenin for me and she wanna be down.



Twista: Girl never seen a dude this down and dirty

Thuggin but he thought handling business but he not

Plenty women always wanna hold him just cause he rollin

Claimin they ain't got no job

But petty niggaz they be comin at you bogus while you clubbin

Try to take you for the women they be fuckin

Talk about how he always huggin.

Hope I don't have to hit him with the chrome oven

But just because a playa steady ballin people steady talkin

He say she say get you?

I saw yo girl talkin

But to 112 and Twista walkin to the truck bout to get

No snoozin

All the bitches be in big ballin confusion

Niggaz trippin off ladies they be losin

Pardon my intrusion

That chick about to have you cruisin for a bruisin

Cause there's rules in this game

Playa don't check the pimp, go and check yo hoe

Give her that good third in a flip flop colored Excursion

For a hit of that blow

Don't try to calm lil momma down, you know them freak bitches be

Don't get done in like Pretty Tone cuz yo kitty gone

Yo chick just chose me

You ain't cut like comedian tailors

You ain't one of them get higher than helium playaz

Or three tone chamelon gators

You can't never spit fire on no CD and fade us

Lame, greedy instigators

Can't see how you mad just cause she date me

I could never let a girl make me

There's plenty of women out here dog so don't hate me.


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