Twista - Conscious (Freestyle) lyrics

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(Prod. by Dj Tight Mike)

Ft. Allie


This anotha street heat banger


Yeah, my flow is so monstrous

You tackling what I do is preposterous

I cannot descend into gods

From temples told defo haters

Kept bury their hair like an ostrich

Like Quin said, I'm so hip-hop

You'd be credit with a style that was embedded

On the block cause in my hand

Went the thunders of my OC

Cause I gotta drop it right just so the fans know I'm hot

The time is now the past is a memory the future is a dream

So live for today and don’t let evil pollute your team

Cos' even tho' the bullshit we be rapping about is honest

I’d rather plant positivity down in yo subconscious

To yoself make a promise, neva be the last nigga

Kill em' dream stoppers, them Freddy Kruger ass niggas

Do the fast figures, but I stay true, I'm basked in the

Word to you rich mind state, the blue past niggas

(Hook: Allie)

When living for today

You need to find your play

They takin' all you play

Including all of me

But tonight let's play

We finally pave the way

For just a bit of changes form out

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