Twista - Cocaine lyrics

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So get about a corner

Bring it by the …

Straight to the border


Bring across the water

When it touch down

Sell it on the corner


Coming right back

You can taste it

Coming right back

It’s from the white Bermuda’s

Big dreams that make a million of the users

The kind of money the same color of …

He got about ..

So he keeps one in the hostel

Got a call on 6 o’clock

Morning rush

I bet the niggers down the street

They’re selling more than one

They look like 20’s

But they’re charging the customer tear

Give away just to… the customer ear


This little nigger .. Pablo

The hall of fame in the panel of Ricardo

And even dough he’s from Chicago

Somehow we can get that from overseas cargo

And if you stop the connection he has

He has others

Two twins from Miami I call them the Diaz brothers

Got a killer squad in the mob

Here in Bronx

How you want it cause he got the …

They call him …

I don’t put too much on it



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