Twista - Call The Police Ft Ray J lyrics

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We keep bombing like this …

They can call the police

And if we can keep making all this noise

They’re gonna call the police

We wake up our neighbors

People got to go to work

And if we can keep making all this noise

They’re gonna call the police

Hit it up against the wall like a beast

Hit it out in hall like freak

How we’re doing what we’re doing

I don’t see anybody up in the building

I got no sleep

How we’re gonna get all these people out

Noise bumping up against the ..

And they .. somebody gonna ..

Call off the landlord

I’m a freak up in the sheets

Especially when I’ll be fucking up to the beat

The neighbors said if we keep it up

They’re gonna have to call the police

And we’re gonna be up in the streets

Cause I act like a fool

When my chick gets so .. when she wants


You’re about to ,, this hotel if you keep on screaming

You’re about to .. out the crib if you keep on screaming

Making love is terrific

Whenever I hit her

We never knew how loud we were

We make noise too much turn the radio up



I’m gonna hit it now

We can do all night

Baby turn around

On the bed line

On the coach line

On the floor line

We better stop all this noise

They’re gonna mess around

They’re gonna call these boys

I get bombing in the house

I get everybody in the room ..

And all of my neighbors

They would be …

And if we decide from some liquor

Let me see where I can find some from

The damage I can do .. guarantee

Somebody call the 911

All the freaky noise that you make ..

Let me put this .. in the face

You’re gonna wake somebody up

Even though I paid the rent for the crib

I don’t really wanna cause a .. because

.. domestic violence

So we got to do it in silence


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