Twista - Blood in, Blood out lyrics

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me and my closest roll dog,

came up at an early age on the corner servin 'cane,

gang bangin and everythang,

we some mutherfuckin gangstas,

roll to the right,

blood in, blood out brothas, and we swore that was for life,

servin them keys of weed, and be clockin them G's a week,

we got whatever you need, just a come and see me,

or my mutherfuckin nug bout to show this city up, show love,

or catch that bug from that nine millimeter slug,

i broke bread with this nigga, i bust lead with this nigga,

heard he fucking with the feds,

can't believe it, not my nigga,

sellin me for the cash, was he movin too fast,

talkin behind my back to them damn hood rats,

i'm going crazy, ain't that a bitch,

you try and get bitched and your closest Rodey

turns into a snitch,

just smilin and laughin in your fucking face,

went behind your fuckin back, hookin you with a fuckin case,

going insane and i don't know what to think,

paranoid out my mind as i take another drink

of that hennessy, motherfuckin cognac,

got me reachin for my nine,

bout to peel this niggas cap,

so i walked out the house

and i headed for the corner,

i seen that nigga, creeped up on him,

bitch you's a goner,

up that itchy to his temple, why'd you try to fuck me Rodey,

started cryin seeing me,

nigga this ain't no New Jack City,

and my name ain't no mutherfuckin Nino Brown,

a tear rolled down my cheek, then i blew his brains on the ground,

sirens all around, lights all in my face,

dick boys on the case, so i headed towards the gate,

bitch freeze,

bitch please,

thats what i told them punk ass cops,

all of a sudden i heard a shot,

couldn't believe i just got popped,

didn't drop, turned around, grabbed my nine, then i pulled it,

started yelling just like fates, bitch i took your fuckin bullet,

everything turned cold, and got dark,

i couldn't feel nothan but the beatin of my heart

blood in blood out

i thought that we was family

can't believe he crossed me

got to break him off G

am i my brother's keeper

i thought that was for life

its gonna be a murder this nigga gots ta die

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