Twista - Bath & Bodyworks feat. Don Cannon lyrics

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Shut the..I know you all enjoy this mixtape

I grab it the number one coast sign the dark..

back to back at the homie Twista and 42 keys

and we're reloaded motherfuckers

I know the..was like damn

when do these niggas sleep

I told the bitch look it like this

only sleep when you start to play the music

ha ha ha ha ha

Never talk about the the vision of the movie do the eyes of a twist

..and my people better p**sy money on my books

spitters and smokers 'cause I know about drugs

spit it for pins 'cause I know about hoes

spit it for niggas that do money buzzin in the streets

okay, I know about toes

if you know somebody they gotta get down come on and holla

if you know they really want get a pack

if you go through better do this I'll f*ck you for bringin the business back

go ahead and holla 'cause they cheat I know them niggas

but it ain't got shit to do with me I just know them niggas

never good like Jackson bitch drive the cars that beat the shit rock to the bitch

be it like the mini board clip on time machine go ruff nigga go back in

when a nigga see another day if you don't get immediate medical attention from all the bullets in them

let me slow down before somebody gotta die try to pull it with em

shy time don't like nobody twist em fuck that nigga

but if somebody touch em the song he shy time we love that nigga

I let the shawty jerk if I don't spray your hair nigga

bad somebody works no lingerie you dead nigga

I'm in, is some beggin America well Fargo

24 hours business and every hood

you know a nigga take a hustle to get that mister chal money

this game ain't for deal

then load it

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