Twista - Angel lyrics

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Tell me why did they take Al B

They take Baby, Tyre

They killed Lil Chilla, my Mike and Corika

They're the dying and Koreme

Tell me why did they Al B, Al B yeah

Lil Chilla, my Mike, and Corika

They're the dying and Koreme

So heavenly father what are you trying to tell me

I guess I better bail up out this game

And whatever they call me a little lame ole' wee

A nigga fin to get up out these streets

Cause ain't a damn thang good happening for me

It seems I'ma be the next one to go, oh no

I'm out of everything mama told me

God's got his hands on you Geno

(Chorus - 2x)

There was this angel, whoa oh oh oh

There was this angel, and it won't let me go

[Darkside Ballaz: Lo]

I cry in my ? pass me the tissue

They say I got issues

And I reply, I put my life on the line for mines

And that's my only damn mission

When D. Ski died, piece of mind was hard to find

D. Ski we miss you, sweeped nine roadies

From heaven rained down on me

As I write these scriptures, and I'll be fine

I had a whole lot of hell in me

Before we took them pictures, and even worse

Brothers and sisters started hating on me

After we took them bitches, cause then you get to take em first

Brothers and sisters started waiting on me

To represent for a hood, they never produce us nothing good

Ballas and killas out here waiting on me

To retrieve my goods and leave me stinking in a back wood

Heavenly father have mercy on me, in these struggling times

To tell the truth, it's so hard to be righteous and let my little light shine

(Chorus - 6x)

[Darkside Ballaz: Sko]

This shit got me pissed off, we use to be like rollies

But now it's 2000, the motherfuckers don't even know me

If I'm right, pass me cause they lifted up a hand now

Blinded to em everytime I get the trash now

Either could get put up on it, and coming up strong

We knew right from wrong, but still we stayed away from home

Over there on Konkress, kicking at the park with

A blessed up niggas that's down with me to your dark with

We'll meet again, I put this on a fiend

If it's possible they end up cause we gone drink again

Puffing on this dro ain't the same no mo'

Drinking on this henne shit just ain't the same no mo'

Oh, my nigga lost his life, at an early age

And I cry to this day, wishing that he could of stayed

Played the cards that he was dealt, records gone when it's dark

But my nigga roll in death, as the gauge exploded on the block

And just like Pac, I'ma paint a point of picture, kick it with you

Grab some tissue, wipe my eyes cause I miss you

God bless my niggas, I know you still here with us niggas

Cause I could feel you, I could see you everytime I look in the mirror

And not a word can hear you, cause I'm making these words clearer

You are my angel, and my nigga, from the drive-by to the trigga

Chi worldwide, whoever died on any side

(Chorus - 6x)


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