Twista - Ain't No Hoes lyrics

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Standing from the only corner like a soldier,

Let it ride on them n-gg-s, gotta show 'em that we ain't no hoes...

Gotta Show 'em that we ain't no hoes...

(n-gg-s ain't no hoes...)

In a circle, sippin' henny, smokin' dojah,

Better ride on them n-gg-s, gotta hit 'em, whatcha running for...

Whatcha running for...

(n-gg-, whatcha runnin' for.)

Now you're f-ckin' wit a Cleveland killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a Chi-town killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a 9-9 killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a Capetown killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a Cleveland killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a Chi-town killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a 9-9 killa,

Now you're f-ckin' wit a Capetown killa,

Whatchu know about grown thugs, bone thugs-n-harmony,

Ima be letting everybody know about it,

Steady trippin' and bitchin' over styles, when we should've been gettin' gwap,

I ain't no mutha f-ckin hoe about it,

Lets take a shot of patron, sit back and zone on some n-gg-s united,

Cuz we the sh-t when we spit....

Early on, all the vision was hazy,

Now its just Krayzie and Layzie, Wish and Twist in this b-tch,

We be snappin so accurate with the lyrics when we be poppin

We make everybody Go Nuts,

N-gg- hold up, got the competition sold up,

Go get me something to roll up,

Gotta spit for my n-gg-s and b-tches i know in the ghetto,

And all of my ballers and my family, doing fed time,

And everybody thats hatin' on the science of this alliance,

For violence high instance i'll show you its bed time,

Crack to herbs,

Send n-gg-s back to work, Bone Thugs,

You can't ask for mo,

Gotta hit em' with what the fans asking fo',

Ain't no way that you could f-ck the fantastic four,

N-gg-s don't wanna see me,

Cuz they know that ima do ya,

And leave you totally crushed....

When i told mista ouija, that i wanna know my future...

He told me that it was us...(Now whatchu talkin' bout)

Now everybody wanna know about it, if its certified,

They heard it through the grapevine,

Could it really be real,

Is it a rumor or a straight lie,

Proof is in the music, so you can't deny,

We changing time, (Why...)

History is in the making,

N-gg- get ready for this thug invasion,

And lots of money-makin',

100 million, we could make a major killin', real n-gg-s...

And too bad for the contenders....

We could spit it and go round for round,

(Round for round...)

Take 'em straight back to that underground...


Bone and Twist on some sh-t like this make a n-gg- stop quick,

Like "Wuts that sound!?"

(Wuts that sound!?)

You finna hear a n-gg- really f-ck it up we got that n-gg- twista creepin' out the cut,

Swisha full of bud,

Give a n-gg- love,

Feel it through the blood,

This is for the thugs, what...

Maintain all day on a paper chase,

The fame came, but i'd rather just take the pay,

Man i'd rather take a million and i'll be out on the market or a target for a killin',


So my tech nines... right there when you test mine,

Immediately stretched out,

We breathe for the midwest side...

You'll get killed tonight,

After all the little drama that a n-gg- had to witness through this business,

Tryna trap us in this music game...

Can never be defeated,

We all believe in Jesus and He helped us when we need it,

And thats how we made it through them thangs...

Who woulda thought that Little Layzie and Twist,

Midwest Invasion woulda brought us to this,

Spit Yo Game, talk that sh-t,

You know just who you're f-ck-n' wit,

The realest that could spit it,

Dig it, now here goes another hit,

Cleveland n-gg-s always been on the grind,

Chicago n-gg-s always been on the grind...

Like makeveli's thug nation, ain't no time being wasted,

Say a n-gg- gotta take it, so i'm going for mine...

Now could it be that it was already written...

Smokin' on the dro, but i know i ain't trippin,

Glass full of henny wit a pocket full of money,

This is real as it get and ain't a damn thang funny,

Real n-gg-s do real thangs and don't stop...

Real n-gg-s play no games on my block....

I say i'm f-ck-n witchu, better believe is bone and twista,

For my homies, for my n-gg-s,

I make the thang pop, (Pop, pop, pop...)

Ready when the trouble knock (knock, knock, knock...)

Soldiers from the double glock (glock, glock, glock...)

Always known to keep it hot (hot, hot, hot...)

We takin' control of your sh-t...

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