Twista - 3rd Eye lyrics

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[Verse 1: Twista]

See you with the eye

Rather at the apex of a pyramid or the forehead of a cyclops

Talking shit to me make sure you're off the right block

Still I'mma come through in the Mercedes Benz white drop

Might stop, but only if I know you I don't mean to ? you with the statement

But I don't be fuckin' with these niggas, and that's why they be hatin'

Cause I stay in the zone, I be alone, so excuse me if I'm wrong

I'm off a kush, and when the T.H.C. affect the dialect I be as free as ?

The energy in me be my empire yet the remedy for me is ultraviolet, violence, silence

All the critic's when I spit it I'mma creature of punishment when it comes to torturing

And with this rap shit I'm a beast


East, be the direction that I'm playin' in

But I'm a Midwest nigga

Mean with a verse, something ?

So they can say "Where you get that nigga?"

The essence of my vocabulary's exquisite when I enter into a realm, taking me to the helm

Of lyricism, you gonna be callin' me majesty, callin' a tragedy that you gotta see on film

So I salute and advise you not to shoot, you are not equivalent or parallel to my level

Sub-par, So coming at me wrong is worse then being on the carousel with the devil

I can turn these happy homes and ? into whole apartment buildings and vacancies

Bakeries, cook em til they done ?


Don't play with me, I'mma make a hater pray to me

God cause I'm hard and my flows is the coldest

You are no threat, don't step, I am a descendent of ?, yes, Moses knows this

Of annihilation we are on a brink, I be smokin' up the stink, so before somebody thinks

See I'mma ? but ugly as ? , when I rap about the Sphinx ?

Knowledge is power so he [Ab Soul] ? your third eye

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]

Type of shit I make a bird swim, fish fly

Fuck it, touch the sky on the first try

Man a motherfucker could never control me, only squeeze me and hold me

Is what the ? member told me, Now is she bold g?

But in my mouth is where the gold be, cause I be playin' with like Goldy

Ab-Soul I know ya know me

Pick a Backwoods jar of that good yeah I blow it by the OZ

I never sleep, you getting cozy

I made it out the jungle watch and write a book about Mowgli

I ain't a killer but don't push me

I hit you with a cig, but I'd rather smoke up on a stogie

God MC, you could say I'm holy

The ghost of Alori Joh walk with me so a nigga never lonely

Solo (Soulo), but Top Dawg is a army

Flow AT and T nigga 4 g's

Might be the hip hop Bob Marley, Taking shots at politicians while I roll weed

Easily Eazy-E without the Jheri Curl Juice

Off that drank that make you think every girl cute

On top of the pyramid, A angles acute

Mark of the Beast on me, him, her, and you

Money in the safe in case there's a lawsuit

Because any lumber jack would (wood) say they saw you

Me and Twista in the cut twistin up a blunt what the fuck you want?


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