Twista - 3 Minute Murder lyrics

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Twista’s got skill

Yes I kill

I can .. on the gas

Like Buffalo Bill

I’ll be putting in the game

Like the niggers from the South

If a nigger’s talking shit

I’ll but the head into the mouth


I’ll make the nigger sink

Cause I got venin in my mouth


Kill them with the rap

Ain’t hard with this beat


I am independent

I got to charge you to beat this

Niggers can’t see me

I’m Ray Charles on an Eclipse


Twista gonna get money

Like a…

When it comes to flows

I’m gonna spit them like …

When it comes to niggers’ heads

I’m gonna split them like a …

Cause my lyrics will be too good

To call me Twista .. eye

.. niggers wanna get me

They’d better freak new ..

..somebody better will get you medicine

. Twista I’m gonna get the issue relevant

Beat your face until it drops

And you look like an …

Can nobody fuck with me ..

.. go check out my cargo

You know you’re gonna be with me wherever my car goes

When it became a murder cause I’m off the block

.. your hands up cause it’s hip hop

I’d rather be rapping about the streets and making a ..

But it’s time to do something so these shorties won’t get pop

Meanwhile back to the lab

I got the .. equal

Your mother fucking … kills a lot of people

Show up on a .. let them know .. equal

I am the shit

I need to ware diapers

When I spit

Two thousand miles ..

Mother fucker

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sasake uchiaha
Saturday 27th of November 2010 22:56
you got all of the lyrics in here are wrong and even worse you didnt finish it