Tru - You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' lyrics

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(feat. Afficial, Master P, Mr. Str8)

[Master P]

Them TRU Boys Up In Here

Gonzilla Ain't Got Nothing On Me

[Chorus: Master P]

You Ain't Sayin Nothing, Nigga, You Ain't Sayin Nothing [x8]

[Master P]

I'm the truth motherfucker I ball with Mike Bibby

I'm in the Calliope project you want me, then come get me

When niggaz will jack you, them hoes got gats too

These kids walk around with golds and tattoos

J Prince, The King of The South, I just kept that bitch going

Niggaz disrespect me and I make you stop growing

Boz he right here, Hot Boy he right here

The New No Limit, nigga this is our year

We about money, cars, bitches, hoes

Kicking out windows and knocking down doors

I'm a hustler motherfucker, I can't work for the man

Put them birds in the van, and holla catch me if he can

They feeling me, my enemies mean-mug

Still walk up in the club and buy the bars up

Like What The What What, Get Beat the Fuck Up

No Limit In This Bitch, You better shut the fuck up


[Mr. Str8]

They don't wanna play with me, they scared, ain't said nothing

We too deep up in the club, we waiting to start stunting

Jumping like you crazy, like nigga you can't fade me

Tipsy on that remy, I'm ready to start blazing

Like holding the club down, dipping out with cha lady

Sprees on my Chevy, they spinning like changed faces

Movin through the hood, Choppin like I am racing

Boy say "He gone" but show me you can't hate me

Yeah this the year, so niggaz just disappear

Niggaz gonna expect it from me, I'm right chea

You drive, I'm right chea, My niggaz, we right chea

Riding, Might Drop Em, don't wanna play round here

We about money, cars, broads, hoes

Kicking out windows and knocking down doors

A cup full of remy and a bottle of Mo

I light that dro when its time to smoke



South West Philly P's

Them sawed off stickers, snatch out ya weave

You can't see me through the tips on the range

It ain't about the money, bitch we got change


Gets ya hypnotic, Afficial, we bout it

Real niggaz up in the club, we ain't smiling


Respect on our shirt, my shoes are P Miller

Find us on the block with thugs and drug dealers

The cuts on our diamonds is sharp as grease

It looks like the lights on our masterpieces


My team strong so we ready for whatever

Bad chicks wit us like we came here together

Later on, I might lace something

We in the club, hella deep, but your ass wouldn't say something

[Mr. Str8]

Put your hood in the air, represent your city

Free C-Murder and wild out with me

[Chorus x2]

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