Tru - Who's Da Killa lyrics

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(feat. Big Ed, E-A Ski, King George)


who's da killer whos the motherfuckin nigga

the one that pull the gun the one that squeaze the fucking trigger

the cops wanna ask me, wanna harrass me

about this dead body in the grass G

If you think Im gonna talk then your wrong

cause in the ghetto, snitches dont live long

so Ima mind my own and keep stiffing

and dont ask me about no motherfuckin murder weapon

my kids still ringin from the gun black

because it all happened so fast

I guess my nigga Lil Mark going to heaven

another black victim of 187

his mom might be crying but she aint shocked

her son lived and died by the fucking rock

and thats how the story goes

everybody in the ghetto getting sweated by the po po's

but ill never help your ass in this game nigga...

Who's Da Killer?

[Master P]

Rat-tat-tat-Rat-tat-tat-Rat-tat-tat- quick to put slugs in your cap

and walk through your hood with my mug on

call me master p or call me Al Capone

a nigga with no heart

I was born in the ghetto, homeless in a shopping cart

pushed up the street by a dope fiend

took to a crack house and taught to use a triple beam

and ever since then Ive been crazy

step to a nigga like me your pushing daisies

cause Im quick this in that ass to the county

and while your dead wipe your blood up with bounty

from the corner to the hearse and that assed up

put bullets in your ass like a garbage truck

eliminating fools like a sewer rat

and floss my 380 married to a mack

and that ill be a Mack 10

so when i run up on a set punk you know ima do you in

[Big Ed]

late night in the cutti time to have some fun

got a page on my beeper it was number 1

reached for the mobile phone got it down to

tuner called my lady "Yo, whats going out?"

she asked me were the fuck are you at, and yo nigga

do you have your motherfucking gat?

yeah im strapped, and i ran around the block

then she told me my my older brother got shot

I got to the house and I opened up the door

and there was my brother lyin dead on the floor

and it has me tripped, my ace got popped

cause they caught his ass slippng

creep through the hood with my hand on my gat

I gotta get those fools who put my brother on his back

seen some niggaz up the block, released the saftey

oh when I leave someone is going to hate me

boot it up take every fucking nigga

out for revenge trying to find out whos da killer

[King George]

All the way to the county thats were they had me

they sent player one trying to bag me

they keep stressing had a bad bad attitude

he got the word from the order i was a bad dude

in the sell my mind did the linger

I keeped yelling im a fucking rap singer

but nobody listened to a fresh fits convicts

They bust me off like there ears got sound sick

back to the saga coming from my jailsell

I move around when you hear the fuckin bell yell

I got involved in a scabble thats a fist fight

when the foo bust out with a knife

he started swingin i started ducking

started moving It was a foo who was down

with the proven, I took a ride on the

C-2 sell block

I stay strapped with my rock in a sock

waiting for a foo to come when its my way

sell lurked through you motherfucking didy date

then he came promise he was down with the linching

tear gas had the whole floor clinching

I couldn't breath I was lying in my tin bed

when a goon grabbed me by my fucking forhead

he picked me up and put me across his fucking shoulder

I said Bitch you let me die like a soldier

damn it was a trip King George could think

all my boys on the motherfucking paint

everywhere I rome every all dead bodies

god damn I was like John Gotti

locked in a sell i was like a big black gorilla

many died, but nobody saw the killer


you should of know your fucking with a motherfucking lunatic

I aint playing with a full day, and my minds about to click

I walked out the house to see if this shitwas fucking TRU

two slugs to the dome and his face was all blue

retalliation fuck the penitention fucking gamble

garb the tech, pump the facing amble

called up my boy cause niggaz say some

where he at?, Richmond jumped in the prowler

rolling slow rolling slow, rolling fucking slow

cut the lights off cause there the nigga go

rolled on the set grab the mask point the tech out

its a driveby sprayed the niggaz house I was

letting em go you should of seen

but in the process I cut a motherfucking slug

dead up in my chest, cops chase me investagating

a dead nigga, I gave the cops the alias

now whos the fucking killer

[Calli G]

Calli G chourned out by society

I used to have a 95 even bitches find me

so I refuse to be a stray for the white man

so when you see me its a gat in my right hand

Neighborhood Dopeman

nigga from the base so you know me selling cocain

you fucking with the dank man foo, start the funk

I do a drop on you and your whole fucking crew

so here's a last thanksgiving foo

no turkey cause you wont be living dude

you catch 17 rounds from my cap peeler

no when this is, now whos the motherfucking killer


a foo got smarks so they calling me the trigger nigga

po po's got a snitch trying to frame me as the killer

interigating me and I got them foo's spoop

I dre say ya fuck with me, then its a must that I fuck with you

cause killers dont talk, gimme three hops in the county

motherfuckers you figure it out, cause bout a nigga like me

if I gotta smoke a nigga ima do it on the solo creep

cause I be damned if I tell em my self trick

some niggaz ill sell you off like pussy on the bitch

but anyway, back to the story, ya have no nuts, no glory

no evidence to cut a nigga loose, and that nigga that was snitching

ws kuku for coco puffs foo, cause i mean a nigga thats spook

try to hide but everybody know he wasn't cool

2 weeks past and the snitches missing

they found a nigga dead, with two to the temple

somebody put that boy to sleep

gave the fool a big fist and put his ass six feet deep

it might have been me whos know nigga

who's the motherfucking killer

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