Tru - Tru-The Beginning lyrics

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They're baaack (ya know)

TRU NIGGA!! (a wiseman once told me)

(if you're ever gonna make it in life

you gotta stay TRU to yourself, as well as the ones you love)

Hholm Bra

(but keep your eyes open man)

Keep yo eyes on yo enemies

(keep yo' eyes open)

Crime Family

(cause when you on the top)


(it pulls you back down to the bottom)


[Silkk the Shocker]

It's like the world watchin the Miller boyz

Got em to prove innocent

They got me strapped up, phone tapped up

Keep my conversations to a mininum (SHHHHHH)

See I used to scheme to live above average

American dream, seen only few things

Niggas hatin on me

Can't believe they turned state on me

Once you fake always fake, niggaz'll stay to wait on ya

(TRU niggaz) Can't trust your best friend

Nigga he'll cross ya dog

They don't make em like they used to

Make em niggaz they'll cross you all

Love, but that don't mean he don't wanna snitch on each other

(C, Silkk, P) Cut wrists and let blood drip on each other

(fuck everything else) We live life like motherfuckin thugs

TRU niggaz TRU tattoes TRU everything nigga took it in blood

Bulletproof shirt, marked meals that shit is useless

I dont know how y'all do shit

But I do ballin type shit, no rules shit (Hholm bra)

Macked up, put the rap up

Niggaz think we switched nigga fuck it we'll switch back up

DeBo (UGHHH!!) in the hood still there to make me boss (3rd World)

Nigga done shit good livin that shit will never ever make me soft

Haters prolly thought we'd be dead by now

Fuck all that controavescy shit nigga, when we talk, real niggas react

Smokin down wit our head down prolly put us in years wit da FEDS by now

Status: platinum plaques, buy a house and wit a check

Had nuttin unless I imagine back

Now sky's the limit niggaz can't imagine that

[Silkk] Motherfuckers wanted crime

[Master P] Da Crime Family nigga

[Silkk] Word

[Master P] Realest niggaz, TRUest niggaz you ever motherfuckin met

in the WOOORLD!!!

[Silkk] Ride wit me fly wit me nigga wit me

[Master P] NIGGA

[Silkk] Money to the sky nigga ball til we fall my nigga

[Master P]

All my real niggaz

Y'all feel this cuz you know

I been out there playin basketball, lettin the game marinate

but as I look through the eyes of the perpetrator

I see motherfuckers really ain't real, motherfuckerss want what I got

Instead of being a man and get yours nigga

There's enough for all us


That make niggaz look stupid

but we ain't never talk bout niggaz on records

You got something to say, say it to me nigga

Y'all know where we at

TRU niggaz thugged out mind figgas niggaz

Real killers, real money makers

Haha, C, Silkk and P nigga

TRUest motherfuckers in the world

when it comes to this rap shit niggaz

Realest niggaz in the world when it come to this rap shit

To all our motherfuckin fam

Nigga we love ya for stayin real and keepin it real nigga


And for y'all motherfuckin haters, haha

take a deep motherfuckin look at yourselves

I know it's killin ya but listen to this real shit

but you wit yo partnas and yo partna are lovin this shit

And it's prolly eatin you up on the inside to know

that real niggaz done made it out

Tou prolly still hatin, but guess what?, why you hatin?

Go on ahead and marinate, hit the motherfuckin weed again

and trip on yo motherfuckin self

Cause I know who you are nigga, we know who you are

but the thang is you gotta deal wit this nigga

Everybody else love this shit

Yo motherfuckin momma love this shit

Yo daddy love this shit

Yo brother love this shit

Yo motherfucking sister I fucked the other day

she love this shit nigga haha

So I'ma be in yo motherfuckin system

So I'ma be in yo motherfuckin soul

and motherfuckin real niggaz

Y'all get ready to listen to the motherfuckin vibe

TRUest shit eva bein put on motherfuckin records (UGHHH!!)

TRUest clique, real TRU niggaz nigga

T-R-U...for life nigga for life

but fuck all that shit loc's

The niggaz got the message, turn up the motherfuckin beat


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