Tru - Tell Them What's Go'n On

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(feat. Master P, Big Ed)

[Master P]

Inside the ghetto you see kids with no shirts or shoes

and no sweaters, and life is kinda cold,

little kids withdirty pampers and a god damn runny nose

and moms never home, never really had a da

now what really going on?, now what should I do?

my little brothers stomach growling in the god damn rich do

searching in the box for something to eat

knowing there aint gon be a god damn thing in there G

in the middle of the night it get strange

sister baby keep crying they want milk man

but she dont give a damn

she's out tricking for a hit dont give a fuck bout little sam

and all night long the neighbors fussing my ear to the wall

he beats us up and 2 hours later come the police

instead of helping honey rather fuck with me

its truly on the wall, want my eyes deep

now whats really going on G?

[Big Ed]

Man this police fatality gotta stop ma

cause brother aint going out like Rodney King no more

[Master P]

Little Sammy grew up to be the neighborhood dope dealer,

big wheeler, cap peeler, never gave a damn bout another life

going to jail cause sam was just another night

money and dope was a trade

but not enough money to save this motherfuck's age

mama did sam like change

started ganking his own people like in the dope game

and I better run out to a quarter

that little sam wont live to see tomorrow

and the government really dont gives a damn

cause every neighborhood you find a fucking sam

its some little kid with no pride

but not enough education to survive

a lotta people in it to win

dont a damn about the lives they lose in the system

It's a shame, black politics and government

damn, uncle sam, so we retaliate,

so who are you going to judge when we all make mistakes

so I just move on

you cant stop a nigga from writting a bout it in a song

and I aint the one to get fucked

in other words you mess with P its like pressing your luck

and I'm getting paid,

and I aint gon let you treat every damn black man like a slave

and if you do your wrong, now what really going on

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