Tru - Smokin Green lyrics

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My nigga Big Bos gon hit this sweet

Kane and Abel (what's up) gon hit the muthafuckin sweet

(what's up Mo B?)

Skull Dugrey (KL) said pass that muthafucka right here (Craig B)

I'm a smoke some of this

for all my niggaz dat's dead and gone and ain't here

(time for us TRU niggaz to get ya'll niggaz high)

Smoke somethin (Silkk in this bitch, C-Murder)

for all them niggaz in the projects that's tryin to come up

(and you know me, Master P, pervin on that muthafuckin swisha sweet)

Mr Serv-On gon hit this sweet (swisha sweet)

Somebody done (that muthafuckin green chronic)

(nigga that's how we smoke it down here)

put Big Pokey on that muthafuckin... on that dank

(dank, doja) got him hooked on chronic

(we don't fuck with that brown weed) Big V said

(brown weed's for suckas, nigga) pass him the sweet

and then give it to Big Mann (and we serve cluckas)

(so it's time to jump in yo muthafuckin ride and get it smoked up)

Don't pass it, nigga, to Big Ed cause you know he'll mug you

(I want the windows to be foggy)

(and tell ya partna nigga, pass that muthafucka, go like this here)

Chorus: 1, 2, 3 niggaz blowin dank in my cadillac

4, 5 niggaz smokin weed in my cadillac

6, 7 niggaz blowin dank in my cadillac

8, 9 niggaz blowin weed in my cadillac

10, 11 niggaz gettin high in my cadillac

12, 13 niggaz won't fit in my cadillac

Gettin high in my cadillac

Niggaz smokin sweets in the cadilla


[Verse I]

TRU niggaz keep roaches in the ashtray (ashtray)

And smoke mo chronic than that nigga Diggity Dr. Dre

Ask Cube, cause today is a good day (good day)

And I been blowin that green all fuckin day

And these hoes on my nuts, cause I got that weed

Keep em 2 for 5, niggaz I got it 4 for 3

Holla at yo boy, if you wanna get high

I keep that green when I'm rollin in my dope ride

Lickin on that sweet, split it with your fingernail

Dump the tobacco out, pass the green dank that's real

Turn up the bass on the 18s

Roll up the window cause a nigga can't lose no swisha sweet

Smoke, and let my niggaz choke,

And if you can't handle that dank, get your ass out my car bro

We been smokin since '83,

'97 Silkk told ya'll hoes, none of ya'll bitches ride for free

[Verse II]

You got twenty let's go half on a 40,

Stop the Lac at Motel 6, it's time to get retarded

Bitch ask me for a shotgun, I'm bout that

20 minutes, that same ho on her back

Talkin bout, she high as a kigitty-kite

But we been fuckin and smokin dank all fuckin night

Made it home mama smellin on a nigga shirt

Say it smell like chronic, I mean that green dirt

Got a nigga fiendin, flippin to lunch

I mean you know that dank (oooowheeee!) have you with the munch

Damn nigga, but it's all good

After today I do that same shit, knock on wood

My red eyes need Visine, I got mine

If ya'll niggaz still smokin, fool press rewind

(rewind noises)


Verse I

[Mo B. Dick]

Let's go half on a 40 sack

Roll up some swishas, (I told ya'll niggaz I was gon get ya'll high)

For some pull on that

Cause it's time to get high (Cause that's how TRU niggaz ride)

That's how TRU niggaz ride (No Limit Soldiers)


Smokin weed, makes me feel fine

Lord I got the chronic on my mind (repeat)

[Master P]

Playaz get high, let's get smoked nigga, damn

one of ya'll niggaz gon pay

for my seats, ya'll done burned up my muthafuckin seats!

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