Tru - Pop Goes My 9 lyrics

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(feat. Master P, Silkk, Kane and Abel)

[Chorus x2: Silkk & Mo B Dick]

Pop, pop, pop, pop goes my nine (TRU niggas ride dirty an stay strapped)

Every time I think about the times you did me wrong (Pop goes the nine)

[Verse 1: Silkk]

See me an my click

we be hoppin outta Range Rover

everyday Taz test,sober

Fightin fellon convictions, barely missin Angola

On the run, it's hell

fresh outta jail

That's no life, carry me a nine, cops chase away the 4-5

My girl ask me why I carry the nine, with the clip in

I said niggas blast me if they catch a nigga slippin

Yall trippin

yall gave my hommie 25 with a "L"

but the nigga that killed my cousin, yall let that nigga out on bail

So I say, fuck this

and I hit the corner on the streets

keep my nine up on the seat

and hold my nine like a G

Cuz I'ma hustle 'til I fall

I'ma have it all ball

fuck them niggas I have nine up in my draws

No time to pause, as I smash off in the dust like what

keep my nine, cuz its the only thing I can trust

An every since Ice Cube said, it's really been a trip

I'd rather be

judged by 12 than be carried by 6. That's why its...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Master P]

Picture me rollin, rest in peace Pac

I'm ridin in my 500 S-E-L strapped with my plastic glock

Me an my bitch, we be hella tight

Fit in the palm of my hand

but I ain' t trustin a nigga tonight

I ain't walkin out the door unless I got my bitch

my American Express, nigga, this will be it

seven-teen kids to tag along

Hollow tips, black jack, call me Al Capone

But I'm dirty like Harry

I keep a 9 Millimeter cuz I ain't gettin buried

My glock be special like Ed

all yall nigga ain't strapped

might end up in the body-bag...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Kane & Abel]

Pop, pop, goes the ruger out the Lexus LandCruiser

Best of slow ya roll hoe

'fore I put some holes through ya

Boo-Yah, my fifty Calliber got niggas runnin back to Africa

Bitch banged up my passport so I'm swervin in my Acura

Grabbin on my dick

smokin the shit

momma kicked me out the house

I smack that bitch

Now I'm skandelous and rich

Mia-X said we got it tweekin

them niggas tweekin

No Limit got some gangsta shit for the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans

New York to L.A., Miami to Atlanta

black talons from my nine got them dancing the Macereña

Little kids in my hood slang dope an talk shit

by some violence, brah

pass the silencer, pop that bitch...

I'm in my Navy Blue Beamer suckin on weed

Holdin the streets

as we brain off that vodka

we're still in the nigga chopper

Gun slangin with pussy juice on my trigger finger

its Kane an Abel, now who da bitch-made nigga banger...

[Chorus x2]

[Master P]

Check it out playa

Nigga gotta protect ya motha-fuckin self fa the 9-skrilla

Nigga ya need to grab ya motha-fuckin nine 'fore ya grab ya shoes

Cuz nigga only got 1 life to lose

an a nigga gotta protect his own, playa

Nigga, live eye 4 an eye that's how TRU Niggas live

An if yall real bout the situation

nigga, trust no mutha-fuckin body

Let cha mutha-fuckin gun be ya friend, nigga

Cuz ya enemy might be right next to you.Huh, remember that playa...

Pop-Pop goes the nine, nigga

But TRU Niggas ride dirty an stay strapped

An we Bout It

[Chorus Fades]

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