Tru - Niggas From Calli lyrics

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Yeah bitches.

We got the motherfuckin niggas from Cali, ya know what I'm sayin?

E-A-Ski, Rally Ral and Master P.

But yo Ski.

Kick it like this G.


A nigga don't get no respect

Unless a motherfucker gotta come and snap some necks

So I play that game like it 'posed to be played

Cause Ski and CMT is not the one that's gonna daze

Yeah I see niggas jockin niggas like a bitch

Just cause the punk made one local hit

Even my homies get brainwashed by that shit

The look at me and say, "man Ski is doin it"

Fuck all that, I ain't givin up props

Until I hear the motherfuckin nigga album drop

So I get pissed and take it out on wax

And think how the fuck they sign this one dimensional artist to a damn


But life moves on, huh

And while it's movin I write about it in my fuckin songs

I pack a nine double L just incase

I talk shit and they wanna front me to my face

Punk niggas wanna get respect

But disrespect, but it don't even work like that

It's all about the mighty dollar

Whoever controls the dead presidents control the power

So watch your back in this game see

Cause niggas get lame see, but they can't fuck with me

I might be humble but I'm only givin ????

So motherfuckers can't jack a nigga from Cali


Yeah bitches just like that, ya know what I'm sayin?

But yo, another nigga from Cali.

His name is Rally Ral.

So yo Ral.

School these motherfuckers.

[Rally Ral]

When will motherfuckers learn, fuckin around with me you get burned

It's all a battle brother, comin up on it firm

Nine one was the year for school

And nine two's for rules

And nine three's for rulin

Huh, any motherfucker out there

You keep fuckin around I have you rappin in a wheelchair

Cause Rally Ral don't play no way

I'd rather slay a motherfucker like all day

So I'm a rock it on till the end then

It's a neccessity for me to keep lendin

Funky tracks for the wack to improve on

Listen to the nigga Rally or move on

Because I got rhymes for the young and old

I got a style for the middle class and low

Whoever said that Rally Ral couldn't deliver

I have your fuckin ass goin up a river

Just like a boat goin mainstream

I have your fuckin body doin the same thing

So now you know not to fuck around with Rally

A nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga from Cali


Yeah that's a nigga you don't wanna fuck with but yo.

This is another motherfuckin nigga from Cali.

Master P.

So yo P.

Do me a favor man.

Slip it.

[Master P]

Slip in my motherfuckin ??? feelin fucked up

Three niggas from Cali in this game and done came up

Livin but never givin and givin but steady livin

And droppin more motherfuckin shit then a stage of pigeons

Rollin, three niggas we hella deep

??? the gat in the hood when you know me

The M, the A, the S, the T, the E, the R

And if you fuck with the P

You won't live to see a month cause I'm a nigga out the game

Makin that bank, I'm from the motherfuckin bay so I'm fuckin with dank

And if a nigga cold run up he get's done up

Jacked for his motherfuckin daytons cause it's a come up

California, the state of the homocides

Niggas into bangin and doin fuckin drive by's

So welcome to my motherfuckin hood bitch

I told you last year that P don't take no bullshit

And if you run up and run up and run up and run up and run up

Bam motherfuckin punk you get done up

Huh, in other words you get tossed like salad

C tell them who we are


We them niggas from Cali

Yeah bitches.

E-A-Ski, Rally Ral, Master P.

Comin up for the nine two, know what I'm sayin?

You stupid ass bitches.

Can't fuck with the

The niggas, the niggas, the niggas from Cali

(repeats till end)

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