Tru - Neighborhood Dopeman lyrics

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[Master P: talking]

Ahhh yeah, one of them ole smooth ass motherfucking mellow beats

For your ass

[Chorus x2]

The neighborhood dopeman, dopeman

It's a risky business, selling that cocaine

[Master P]

Yo C man, tell them where you from


I was born in the place where people had to kill

Lots of dopefiends, so many drug deals

Disrespect my elders so I always cursed

Never tripped when I seen a nigga in a hearse

Dumb straight, I was fucked up from the start

They even tell me I was born, without a heart

But I ain't really tripping off these grown ups

Cause he who got the dope, is the nigga with the big butt

I'm in a room chopping pounds on a silver plate

Sometimes I'm selling twenties, sometimes I'm selling weight

I never gave a fuck about right or wrong

Me go to jail, huh, it's like a second home

On the first or fifteenth you know I don't play

Cause two oz's a day keep the fucking bills paid

Always got my beepers and my mobile phone

And when I raise my shirt, there go the fucking chrome

And you never catch me slipping in this fucking game

Cause I'm the neighborhood dopeman

[Master P]

Ahh big timer, shit man if you that big man

Why don't you give your boy one ten tomorrow

Man I get my check in two days or something man

You know how it go


[Master P]

Roll up on the set in the drop five

With the giggidy giggidy gat by my damn side

Ready to bust a sucker cap if they talking shit

But if it ain't like that let me talk to this bitch

Bitch was hella-thick, dressed in them daisy dukes

Thinking by a dopefiend she might be a fiend too

Pull out my fat sack of dubs how I played the bitch

Took her behind the building, and P got his dick licked

Beeper ringing my boy say he out of dope

Told the bitch see you later, good-bye, see you stank hoe

Call my boys up, I knew it was a drought man

But I ain't tripping cause at the house I got three ki's man

Serving them niggas on the set just like some dopefiends

I use to sell them for four but now I'm selling the bitch for fifteen

And like Cube say, today'll be a good day

Now who the fuck said crime don't fucking pay

The name is P and you know I sell that cocaine

In other words I'm the neighborhood dopeman



Yo P man what's up man (what's happening)

You know them little young ass niggas man

They got me again man (oh man)

Seven niggas (I told you to come see me man)

Hanging out for you man

I couldn't wait though man (I hear you little daddy)

Niggas came and got me with the motherfucking, P.C. man

That motherfucking (just holler at me later than youknowI'msaying)

Yeah man, give me another one man I got to keep it pimping you know



Deep up in this game yo like deep as it go

A nigga can't tell me shit, when it come to selling dope

I'm pushing 20's, 50's, hundreds, and slabs

And if that ain't enough I'm going back up to the lab

Fiends, bitches, blowing up my pager

Them hoes want to make love I tell them hoes to call me later

Rolling six, and fuck this in this cutlass busting tight ones

Doing a donut on the L got sweated by the black and white ones

But, that's, the life I choose to live, fast

And when I'm dropping all them thangs I keep a 9 up on the dash

When I'm passing out this cocaine I stay strapped

Selling crack, huh, your neighborhood dopeman

[Chorus x2]

[Cali G]

I'm breaking out, with the triple beam sacking up

Shit for my niggas, to serve to the dopefiends

Young nigga getting rich, by 16 bezzels

Sitting tight plates and the paint's plates read my bitch

Nigga, nigga living top notch keep my finger

On the trigger case I have to unload the glock

Cause the game is a mo'fucker

Jealous ass niggas bust cause they trick ass suckers

And even hoes on the set up

Sell a nigga for a note, now that's a dead motherfucker

You can't trust a bitch

Load up in this fifth that's why I deal with the bullshit

Cause shit is real and I will never change

Yeah, huh, your neighborhhood dopeman

[Master P & dopefiend: talking]

[Chorus x2]

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