Tru - Intro lyrics

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-Hey son?

-Hey dad.

-Son, whos your favorite rapper and who's your favorite rap group?

-You are, cause you the real ice cream man and my favorite rap group is T.R.U. cause I'm true 2 da game.

-Aha, I'm true 2 da game too son. You did your homework? You got any studying to do?

-Yea dad. Studying this, just how to be a true playa. Wanta ask me some questions?

-Yea son. Let me see this. Oh they didn't have questions like this when I grew up son, but I guess whatever

it takes to make you be a man son. I'm all for it. Son, the first question is, if you rap about another

rapper on a record, what are you?

-You a sucka!

-Aha, you got that right son. Next question. If you hate another for being successful, what are you?

-You mean like, you rollin in Benzes, they be like you, the pigs be pulling you over cause you

be black and you be sittin on triple gold, like the niggas in the ghetto be hatin on you cause you made it out?

-Yea son, what is that, what you call that?

-Dad, that only be two words. PLAYA HATA.

-Huh, you got that right son. Look like you gonna past this test, but I got one more question for you. Son, if

any man depends on another man and can't think on his own, can't survive on his own, can't take good care of his

family, you know what I mean son. I mean, you were put in this world by yourself, you're supposed to depend on you

and nobody else. I mean son, when a man can't function on his own and put his problems on another man, son, what type

of man is that? What do you call that type of person?

-Dad, can I curse?

-Son, if you have to express yourself. Tell me, what type of man is that?

-That a punk ass bitch

-Hehehe, damn little P, you bout it, bout it, just like your daddy. Oh wait, one more question before I leave though.

What you wanna be when you grow up?

-I wanna be a G like you. A No Limit Soldier for life. Fuck you hatas, cause we have millions.

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