Tru - Bounce lyrics

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(Bounce dat ass)


(Bounce dat ass)


(Bitch bounce dat ass)


(Bounce dat ass)


When you see me in da club

(Bitch bounce dat ass)

When I catch you in da tub

(Bitch bounce dat ass)

When I catch ya at da pad

(Bitch bounce dat ass)

When I catch ya down bad

(Bitch bounce dat ass)


Yall know when Im in da club yall know what im lookin fo

lookin fo da bitch wit da biggest butt

a down south bitch, a gold mouth bitch

a bitch that'll make mah pockets rich

wit da G-strang drowls holdin on to da walls

plantin dat ass right on a niggas balls

you give her a drank and watch act wild

she got more trick den a little bitty child

all mah niggas in da back

niggas in da front

and me bout to smoke from da mothafuckin blunts

im gettin high i really cant lie

i wanna fuck da freak wit da tat on her thigh

fuck yo baby daddy you can ride in mah caddy

i kno you wanna fuck cuz you lookin right at me

so bitch get yo mind right i kno down bad

lets go to da crib you can bounce dat ass


(Chorus) x2

(Master P)

Take it off, break it off, shake it off


girls in da club showin us

and da homies wit da big banks

couple dollas fo da fish tanks

thug girls wit da G-Strangs

squat it down and make yo knees sang

see dem papa's like to ride it

and dem strippers work yo body

kick yo legs like karate

and say wut up cuz we bout it


get down if you rowdy

if you a freak den shout it


(Chorus untill fade)

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