Trouble - You Ain't Street

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Ft. Bankroll Fresh & B. Green

(Verse: Trouble)

Boy, you’s a bitch and ya know that shit

Somebody go check ‘em, I got to split

How ya gon’ trip on anotha nigga

About a bitch who ain’t even yo bitch

Why ya ain’t flip on them other niggas?

Who took yo shit, nigga ya a bitch

Tryin' to get more niggas juice ya up

That’s how I know ya ain’t built for this

Askin' questions, say what I’m doin'

Don’t really know, they just know I’m doin' it

They say that Scoop is a bad influence

They tryin' to say I’m a bad influence

Cigarillo plea no backwoods

Strapped like a sheriff, I’m that good

Say me and my bitch from a bad hood

Ran up the racks mean we back to it


These pussy niggas know that ya ain’t street

We get it all on the front street

We get it all off the back streets

Real nigga know where them packs be

Ya tryin' to trip on a dirty bitch

Let this shit fly like the duddy bird

The money influent, that still the word

My girl, they judgin', they judgin' her

(Verse 2: Bankroll Fresh)

I got this shit in, nigga work the work

Ya talkin' that shit, bitch ya got some nerve

Ya niggas be snitchin', ya know I heard

Only these fuck niggas know that I serve

Ya run with that ho and that pussy dirty

She sucked my dick and I gave her thirty

Tamp on my big West, wadn’t even worth it

She said ya broke but ya always workin'

Always be workin' but still broke

Say ya be stealin' yo partner’s dope

I fuck yo bitch and I call the throat

Don’t call my phone less a block or more

I’m a real trapper, might smack a stove

These broke ass rappers just made it broke

I’mma pull up and I leave the ghost

I got the killtek and it fully loaded


(Verse 3 – B Green)

I be the recipe to the streets, I’m sacking out like I’m KFC

Free 350, yeah he from the three,Eastside Zone 6 where I be

RIP KP, got a sister named P

Got cars full of that mescaline, now my arm flooded with the AP

Know these niggas hate me, cause these niggas ain’t me

Betta keep it on the sidewalk nigga cos' ya niggas ain’t street

I keep a big bank roll, only trap with Bankroll

Trouble trouble, B. Green, that’s a full two man team


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