Trouble - Them B's

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I'm hustle to get a billion nigga

..up if you get in the way of that

I was bread a different way from you busters I'm..

I'm blast first so you lay first,

Soon it.. nigga

Why you're bossing out some bullets

that you p**sies tryinto be brave

I got that bank here thankin by the beer

and the shawty lou, know the streets..slip the buckets

get no lovin I forbade bitches only

jump by the dick and sew and I hear the limits

put belly on me, belly homie

will become weed,

will leave them homies who rap them B's

look look nigga I'll be posted in B more

and everybody moe, use the detail,

if you're a p**sy then will you need to be that money,

gotta have a punch of that

in the A town is a bunch of ..

nobody feel that I gotta bunch of kids

I hear a bunch of..and all black

you call that I'm trained to go

so don't call my phone talking bout the brick

you need the best body now take a shit,

them benz on my mind,

gotta have at least one before I die,

you must be a.. don't fuck it if you don't believe

them B's when I'm going sick damn

Them B's, them B's yeah

all I want is them B's

Them B's, them B's

you can keep the other letter I just want them B's

Them B's, them B's

couple hundred B's

them jeans, them B's

I'll be good with them B's

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