Trouble - The Truth Is What Is

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Children, they grow in a house of love

filled with hate, but I never cried

living in dreams that are reality

can`t you see, they are calling for me

Problems on their minds just get worse

everyone is here but I`m all alone

Feelings of depression, adolescent times

can`t you see, there is nowhere to hide

I`ll never understand

why they think we`re wrong

tryin? to change me,

tryin` to run my life

leave me alone

don`t want to be like you

don`t want to see like you

how can I believe in me

close your eyes, look into your mind

see yourself as you really are

as you really are.

Don`t be lost in your self sorrow

know the meaning of what you are.

No more lies, only you know the truth

no one but you

it has to be you.

In our lives, there are changes everyday

don`t run away

Just remember who you are

and what you can be

have faith and your dreams will come true

Sometimes you think, that tomorrow will never come

don`t let it get you down

Live your life in your own way

be what you want

have faith and your dreams will come true.

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