Trouble - Pray For The Dead

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The one you love is dead

feeling so empty inside

I know it hurts


Out from the depths

I cry to you

shed all your tears

for the one, who is dead

We loved you in life

hate you in death

how could you leave me here

all alone


poor souls wait for the Lord

paying for sins which have not been paid in life

pray for the dead - for it is of faith that these poor souls

can be saved

He`s not to blame for his death

For his death

one day his fate will be yours

and we`ll pray for you.

2. Fear no evil

In the midst of the darkness

A man dressed in Black

He is the one cast down from heaven

and is alive in him


Beware the son of Satan

born of a jackal

from the land of the demons

I believe it`s hell

The man cares nothing for you

he only wants your soul

you have the right to choose your way

don`t play the fool


We must stand together

believe in love

for Jesus Christ will save

Sinners of creation

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