Trouble - Lord Knows

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Lord knows I ain’t been eating like I used to

Lord knows I used the money as a booster

But I started to abuse her, taking her everyday

From 200 to 1 70, it’s smaller jay jay, don’t remember my last ray

Day praying for better ones, I am

But even worse, … shot, got caught up in the jam

They gave him 3 years at 15

Lord knows I’ve been trying so hard to stay clean

Off of the hennesy, cigarettes, lean everything

My dreams are living it up in that…

You can’t even see that mark my windows

In the clouds I’m off roll such and such

You don’t even remember that shit

But for now, I’ll start with a kill and don’t remember that shit

You could blame that on the zens

I plan to stay bitch nigga proof and shoot to the roof

Nigga what about you

The god father never lead me wrong,

So what he says what I do

Back in 07 shit I was riding round in a beemer coupe

2012, still a beat out, but the one who gotta get scoop

The truth goes out my mouth, then in the booth

And then delivered to you, encouraging you to speak the truth

Is me never mind who call you lame and discrete

You got two ears, one mouth it is all you speak

Tired of dudes was on that wait, right on they peak

Yeah, it’s hard to say they failed

Still got niggas in them sales, praying for some mail

So many niggas in county can’t even make they bail

They was dog chasing they own tail

Stay true to yourself or bring your own death.

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