Trouble - Green Light Feat. Future

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I know some niggas who'll be snitch all alone

I know they didn't seem right

I..a couple niggas all alone

for the grind to be a green light

I had to turn my back on a couple hoes

I know it didn't mean right

do anything to get it though

you should know it's a green light

a green light, a green light

is it green light never mind what it seem like

not for you though, trouble for anybody

you get, I take it that you with me

so for anybody..we all what they will mention

I'm negativity

if it is, I'll tell you what I'll do specifically

end up in a..attention

but I gotta stay free kicking the free Benz

they wanna be GPTW keep the..

need you to take the chance f*ck what you heard about

here's you dream like wht you gonna do bout

is you gonna go with her, go refuse and turn your back around

either way they..take on step..


yeah...I play my position

the sort of position that ..revenges

I go to the level my fingers itchy

you haters ain't number the..

you..but a buggin

my niggas..who'll be starvin

I'll stay the side to..

I took my bitch far, give me my style and the..

took my.. bruto I spare you nigga what you don't know

the..I look in time like paso..

walla walla walla you don't know who the..

the mom is call em papa

my bitch it call em dada

cause the lean in the moon

I trap and lean this booming

..for success nigga why you're doing


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Friday 30th of November 2012 18:17
its more to it