Trouble - Gideon

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Looking at the world today

what so you see

People like you and I

waiting to be free

do we even have a chance

it is hard to tell

with all this fighting and killing

this could be hell


Have you been discouraged

hard times bringing you down

Fight on! I know you can make it

prove it to yourself

Working hard just to survive

can it be done?

We`re only trying to make life better for our son

all I want is to serve my purpose

can`t get past today

will there always be someone

trying to take it away


Listen now to what I say

to all that have dared

you got to change your ways

I know that you`re scared

fear not the Lord is with us

he can save us all

my hope lies in his hands

please hear his call


The spirit of Gideon

lives in the hearts

of any determined band

that refuses to be discouraged

by hopeless odds

and fights on to victory

"By the sword of the Lord and of Gideon."

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