TRINA & TAMARA - What'd You Come Here For? (Trackmasters Remix)

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Uh, Trackmasters

Killa, Cam'

Ya say cats dancing up in here

Check it

Hey yo, ya'll cats wanna dance?

Well go out and ball

My jewelry say it all

I'mma play the wall

Girls that pass, knee buckle

Ten G rings my as you knuckles

Nasty hustles

Why play me up close?

Man you slow like a tug boat

All my nigga's love pote

Bunch of OJ's cuz they cut throats

Kiss and hug toast

Pissin' bub note

Piss a club hoe

And we high sigh

No scrubs, my man playin my ride

Get it right vibe

Hundred bottles you see right there

Ya'll wanna dance? I'll be right here


Don't stop the beat movin'

You should be bouncing

Why you standing around and

Actin' like you're just too fly

You should be movin each and every time

Can't you see what everyone's doin'

I just know you need to be groovin'

So when you hear it just get on the floor

Trina and Tamara on the radio

You know just what I wanna do

Oh baby when we go to the club

I wanna move

So why you standing there

Acting like you don't care

I think I'm gonna get up on the floor

Oh, Ah, Ohh

What is wrong with you

Tell me what you wanna do

You shoulda stayed home

I don't know what you came here for


All day you were talkin'

'Bout how you couldn't wait to

Get out on the floor with me

Oh, boy I swear I refuse to

Sit here cuz everybody's bouncing to the beat

Ohh Ah, ohhhh

What is wrong wit you

What you wanna do boy, yeah

I feel like you shoulda stayed at home, so


Yo, you know the T and baby TM

Catch me in the BM

740i, three TV's, 30 CD's

Chrome Bb's, bumpin' esto and TD

Hate me know, we by the bar doin it up

Bottle after bottle, second case of cristal

Celebrating my misfoul

Cats on the side nervous cuz they seen us

Hit a bouncer wit a G and slide em wit the neena's

Plus we got gem stars between us

These rappers for real, I give 'em too many chances

I blow wit your advances on lap dances

In one verse I stop 'em

Make 'em start from scratch

Peep the Rolley, then flood it from the face to the latch


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