TRINA & TAMARA - Joanne (Remix)

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(feat. Eve)


Joanne, Joanne

Stop trying to be my friend

Joanne, Joanne

Stop trying to freak my man

Joanne, Joanne

How you gon' try to clown


I know you got another plan

When I'm not around

For most of our lives

It's been you and me

And I always thought

Nothing could come between

Obviously our friendship doesn't mean nothing to you

All this time I though I knew you, oh

[2: Trina & Tamera]

Half shirts, mini skirts

All of that ain't gon' work

So stop trying to flirt with my man

Before someone gets hurt


We were so close

How could you hurt me

You were my best friend

Where's your honesty

Thought you had my back

But that ain't where you at

See right through you

All this time I thought I knew you



No way you could fool me

When he loves me truly

I can't believe I once called you a friend



I'm not the bitch to be tried

No remind, I'm makin' 'em cry

Cross the line with my property I'm walkin' up out

Treated you like a sister and you played games

Had to pull out the gangster showing you I'm running things

And I'm naming names

Practically raised you and made you

Classier than most know now I should have caved you

You thought he paged you, SURPRISE!

Heard me on the line

He told me everything about how you wasted his time and

How I cheated when I didn't

If it was given couldn't handle my position

Use your woman's intuition

Pick of the litter

Never compared, never could make me bitter

Compared to you I'll always be the bigger picture

Trying to be Eve, can never have it, act right

Four search parties be looking for you with a flashlight


No, Jo-Jo

[Repeat 1: till end]

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