Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy - Straight Up lyrics

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(feat. Young Buck)

[Trick Daddy:]

Our father who art in heaven

Hallowed thy be thy name, thy kingdom come

All our G's would've been gone (would've been done)

If it wouldn't for thug holiday (ahh man)

[Verse 1: Trick]

In this life I live, I done see niggaz deal

Seen niggaz steal and done seen niggaz kill

And them same niggaz there, them be the main ones that tell

There's a lotta tension in the air, so nigga easy on them pills

I rather be the bitch that's squeezing than the nigga that's bleeding

See I'ma drink my liquor and I'ma smoke my weed

And I'ma stay far away from y'all buster motherfuckers

Y'all sucker motherfuckers, man fuck you motherfuckers

I'm being convicted of a thug living and drug dealing

Been a two time convicted felon ever since I was a lil' nigga

My first words was curse words, shit, the first bid I did I was just a lil' kid

And I was raised by pimps, hoes and mobsters

Taught the game by dope boys and robbers

I ran the steets with goons, I broke the rules with fools

I used to take my motherfucking tool to school

[Chorus: Trick]

See I been thuggin all my life, trying to live right, you ain't even got ask

I got that Hen in my cup, smoke in my lungs, what you know about that

You already know (straight up), You already know (straight up)

You already know (straight up), You already know (straight up)

You alread know (straight up), Straight up (straight up)

[Verse 2: Buck]

These feds crazy trying to take me down and book me

Throw me on death row and do me like Big Tookie

Got me running from them rookies and poppin at the seargent

Tried to tell not to push me now look what you done started

And you got these rap artists thats beefing on these songs

But I really will kill so I'm leaving that alone

I'm a grown ass man that ain't about playing

Ten G's will get you killed, family will die for twenty grand

Blow my nose with a Gucci rag smoking on a cuban

You damn right I know they mad, cuz half of em' losing

I slip a another clip into my A.K.

Stay with Trick in M.I.A. when I come and get the yae

See the Chevy got a stash spot

I can fit a hundred in the back and just mash out

Hope I make it home, it they catch me then I'm gone

So we put it on the line

Everyday we on the grind gotta hustle til' you shine


[Verse 3: Trick]

My blood line is a level above the thug line

And according to the cat scan I ain't a ordinary man

See I run off oil and I breathe off chronic

I power up off money like a motherfucking bionic

I travel through time with a military mind

Strapped with a Russian A.K. and a German made nine

And don't mad at the [?] they ain't the one trying to attack us

It's slimy ass niggaz and red neck ass crackers

Y'all better lower your weapons (lower your weapons)

Before my niggaz get to steppin

Cuz shit can get real crazy if it was a thug invasion

Imagine a whole bunch of Cuban niggaz and Haitians

Rebellion on your ass

For the shit you did to us in the past

See y'all [?] and even arrested fiends

It took you fifteen years to close the ave

It's going to be twenty more before they close the ?

Now where my motherfucking twenty one soldiers at

Now where my D Boy big gun toters at


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