Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy - Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka) lyrics

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(Terrance and Phillip)

U-N-C-L-E fuck you, Uncle Fucka....Do right!

Hey, hey


Slip-n-slide, nigga...

(Chorus x2)

Uncle fucka whatcha say? MOTHERFUCKER!

Shut yo fucking face

(Verse 1, Trick Daddy)

Everybody wanna be the big boy

Sling king with the biggest names in the game

In the wood grains big grins big chains

big things on the big mane

Motherfuckers done lost they brain

This shit ain't fun, the bullshit ain't done

Gonna have to get the gun now, gotta learn how to run now

Cuz you the one now

That they be talking bout when they hanging out

Trying to play ya how to drain you out

Two shots rang you out, tried to slide in the game, you out

Think it's the game about, sheit

Ask or repeat anybody you know used to be big back in the day

They probably been in the grave or ?? from the heat of the cage

Them niggas is dead

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 2, Trina)

Did I approve for you to talk to me?

Motherfuckers like you, hell, I preach it to 'em

First hand I teach 'em no psychic, bitch, hell I reach it to 'em

No bus no fuss dogg, no sucks in the Lex, dogg

Don't see no checks dogg, and stop beggin when it's wet, dogg

But you could bet dogg

That you don't know no hoe that'll hide the work

Two clips inside the purse, fuck me I'ma ride you first

fuck hard till the condom bursts, but umm...

I need my ???? Lee tight figero

White gold with the X and O's

You putas betta know Trina is a betta hoe

Oh you don't know?

(Verse 3, Trick Daddy)

Y'all betta quit fucking with me, I ain't got too much to lose

I got a lot to prove, so fuck motherfuckers and hoes

Gotta get the dough, save it up till I pay my dues

And break the rules, Motherfuckers that is trying to hold me down

Think you can hold me down

Hoes didn't know me, bet they ass know me now

Since I'm in Dolby now

Bitches, I play with 'em and hoes, I lay with 'em

And women, I just kiss 'em while unzipping they denims

And run up in 'em [what]

These bitches they all the same

These bitches they all for change

These bitches got game

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 4, Trick Daddy)

If it ain't 'bout bread, save that

Broke bitches wanna know why I say that

If the going price is right and not too high

Goddammit, I'll pay that

I want two or three or four of 'em

So um, I could get my nigga to throw 'em

See my hoes horny get my flow on

With dough you can't go wrong

I roll with killas, niggas that count the dough and know

Never to trust a hoe, thug niggas

That'll shoot yo ass, excecute yo ass

My overtime niggas be grabbin it

My doggs on the bow ain't having it

Plus down south niggas got AK's

'Cuz when you raise the day you be savages

(Chorus x4)

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